Saturday, January 07, 2012

What are we after?

After reading and contemplating about the book "Irresistible Revolution" and starting to read "Simply Christian", I took some time and wrote down the following poem (or better, just words because it doesn't really follow any poetic rules), so here to some new poetry after a long absence of words.

What are we after?
What are we longing for?
The comfort of the present world has blinded us again.
Just like the wars that used to numb us.
We have become wholly distracted by the things we use to comfort us,
yet it all leads to emptiness,
it all loops back to brokenness,
because we cannot make ourselves hold.

We groan for help from our inner being,
we express our cries in the form of lyrics,
we take on causes of social justice,
but for what?
for these acts to awaken us from ourselves?

Another world is possible,
we hear its whispers,
yet we are unmoved,
will we wait until the end,
or will we act with urgency?
will we act with radical love that Jesus had shown us?
will we live with radical abandonment away from this world?

Maybe it's not all material after all,
we are soul beings,
and we belong to another world,
that is coming soon.

And that what i'm after.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello again, from Fort Worth

Howdy again from Cowtown,
I guess I haven't written in a long long time. For more frequent updates maybe my Twitter feed might be a better place. Anyways, I've gone through a couple of changes in life lately, I went from entering into a serious relationship (and moving for it), to a period of engagement, and now I'm married to the love of my life.
I guess time does really flies, but I am really glad to be in the season of life that I'm in right now. I know there are different seasons of lives, and they are good (yes trust me).

Just a quick recap that the wedding was a lot of fun, both the ceremony and the reception went very well. The dancing was fun too !! The honeymoon was a very relaxing time, we get to hit up the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and saw some Mayan ruins along with some beautiful beaches. We actually get to go where (one of the beaches) they filmed one of the Corona commercials near Cozumel, that was a nice beach.

Anyways, since the honeymoon, life is still fun :) We're trying to adjust our lives to the slower pace of the "normal" life, but again, who defines that ... hehe ... we're still having fun, enjoying each other.

I think one thing that I really enjoyed doing with my wife is praying together, especially for the current events and/or other countries. I remember being on our honeymoon and watching the news during our down time, and both of us praying together for Egypt, that was pretty powerful !!!

Anyways, so far it's been good :)

Until next post ... (check my twitter for more freq and shorter updates ...)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

hello fort worth

This is my first post from Fort Worth located in North Texas (part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex). After spending about 8 years in Aggieland (College Station,TX) where I've made some really awesome friends and had invested (and be invested in) by an awesome group of people and community (both Fellowship Church and Connect Homegroup), I've decided to move up to Fort Worth.

I'm excited about the new things that I'll get to learn and experience in (both with the urban community and the church). I'm also very excited to be in the same city with my girlfriend (Ashley), long distance relationship is definitely a rough adventure, it was a good adventure though, but I'm really glad that now we're in a "short" distance relationship ;).

Anyways, there are much thoughts to be gathered and noted about my past 8 years in College Station, from the lessons that I've learned from college ministry, to the mistakes (and successes) that I've seen both in life and in ministry (and in work/college). Hopefully, I'll get done process with that and be able to share some on here.

Well, here's the first post from Cowtown (Ft Worth,TX), hopefully with more to come.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

In the face of progress ...

i wrote this a couple of months ago ... saw it in my journal today ... and decided to post it :)

In the face of progress,
stands the orthodoxy of my faith,
that has stood against the evils of this world,
when evil is masked by progress,
our generation caved in because of modernity,
our hearts become more callous,
in the face of progress,
we will challenge the status quo,
we will challenge the change,
if it the change is towards a convenient, heartless generation.
In the face of progress,
I will fight,
not because i'm less modern, or less educated,
but because of the word of God,
because of the evils that is masked by progress,
let God's truth set us free from these lies masked in progress,
let God's love set us free from the fear of not progressing,
let us return to this faith,
ancient yet relevant,
in the face of progress,
let our faith be the measure of this progress, of this challenge,
if progress means a godless society,
then i rather have none of it,
not because i'm scared,
it's because we'll be missing the point,
and the One who matters most.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gen-Xers in Asia

As i was thinking about this, i was listening to several older songs by Jay Chou on my Zune ... songs like this

i know i'm in the middle of nowhere (in the middle of texas ... ),
definitely not in the midst of the culture of east asian gen-xers,
how they think,
how they act,
what they buy,
what kind of philosophy they subscribe to,
but i feel an urge to pray for them,
for this generation who might be lost in the battle of culture, academic, materialism and lust,
from the rocking music of underground music to the angst from Jay's song,
what do they want?
what do we want?

i pray for souls that will be awaken for the kingdom of God.