Saturday, May 29, 2004

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sports update

this weekend was full of sports events,
1st of all English FA Cup,

Man. Utd defeated Millwall in the final ,
great but .. umm ... Millwall is a Div. one team
and Man U is a Prem. team .. but it's kinda expected for Man Utd to win , no big suprises ..

NBA Conf. Finals,
Wolves over Lakers --> It's about time, but now Lakers has the home court advantage ,
Pacers over Pistons --> great game for Reggie Miller, let's keep it rollin'.

College Baseball,
Texas A&M over Texas ( A&M won the series 2-1 ),
good series for the Aggies,
good game for the Longhorns who clinched the Big 12 Title
by beating the Ags on saturday night,
both of them are moving onto NCAA tourney play and Big 12 Tourney .. so we might see them play again.

Texas over Yankess, (Texas won the series 2-1)
Yankess avoided a sweep on sunday,
but A-Rod homecomin was .... not GOOD .... not good at all,
though he had some great hits , incl. the homerun on friday nite, but Rangers was the team that pull it off ...

yea.. that's about it.

what's comin' up ?
-- NBA Conf. Preview.
-- MLS analysis ..
-- MLB stuff ..
-- UEFA Champion's League Final.

bye . for now.
check back for more sports,
check back for more stuff about GOD .. and relevant life.


p/s i should post some technical stuff too .

God is awesome

yo guys,
one sentence,
GOD is awesome,
He just made me realize how He can changes and impacts people's life,
He can made people stronger thru even tragedies and bad times,
and yes He can made people stronger thru good times , although that is a little bit harder .. (esp. on our side) ,
anyways, one thing i love about Christians .. is a transform life, it's NOT easy, i won't say i am totally transform yet because there are still struggles in my life,
but i know .. it will all be gone at the day of His return and yes .. it's comin' soon,
believe the gospel and repend guys .. :-)

alrite ..

take care y'all.


Thursday, May 20, 2004 New Jersey Nets (2) vs. Detroit Pistons (3) New Jersey Nets (2) vs. Detroit Pistons (3)
i was RIGHT !
go Detroit!

NBA playoffs

the Conference Finals IS ALMOST here,
for tonight's game .. FYI Pistons vs Nets ,
i'll love to see Pistons win.

Here are my predictions and reasons behind them,
Western Conf.

Timberwolves VS Lakers ...
interesting .. OLD Minnesota Team vs NEW Minnesota Team ...
( Lakers was Minnesota Lakers before moving to LA ) , will be an interesting series, if the LA Lakers is able to KEEEP up with their energy level and if LA Lakers "non-star" players can hit some spectacular baskets .. then i'll say LA in 6 .. on the other hand if LA plays like they played against SA .. they will likely to lose .. and if Cassell steps up BIG time ( he is already ) and KG in his MVP form, Minnesota should win in 6 ...
otherwise .. still ... Minnesota in 7

Eastern Conf.

Easy .
Pacers in 6 ... no doubt ...
because they have better players ( ie. Ron Artest, J. O'neal .. and a good coach .. (who Pistons fired last season) .. )
Let's give Reggie one more shot.

NBA Finals ?
Timberwolves in 6.

we'll see what happen tonite,
and i might change my prediction.


i am a workin' man

i just started my 8-5 job at the ITO of SFA on Texas A&M Campus,
i missed school already .. haha .. working full time is a brand new experience
to me, it's very interesting (of course) .. other stuff , yeah summer ... yeah .. summer .. last month i can't wait for summer to come so i can rest , now i felt it's TOO boring and want school to start again .. anyways .. i have a job now, so it's NOT as boring .. and i do have time to read some books and dig more into the WORD .. so summer is NOT a bad thing .. tryin to enjoy it as much as possible b4 sumemr school starts again .. :-D


Whoooop !

~ aggie-techie