Saturday, May 28, 2005

spontaneous am i ...

so it's the memorial day weekend ... ahh ... most people are back visiting their families or hanging out with friends .. turned out most of my buddies were busy tonight ... that's fine ...
i got off work a little early today because i went in earlier (had a meeting at 7.00 am) ...
i went to the fitness room and worked out a little then i decided to drive to the beach and back .. haha how spontaneous was that? so yeah .. hop on my car and drove to seaside and cannon beach ... and back , then i watched some Monster,INC .. funny movie.

anyways ...
i am gonna keep my weekend spontaneous ...
anyways ...
England vs USA in soccer tomorrow .. i'll try to watch that ...

so if you are reading this blog .. pls give me a holla ..
kinda wanna know who is reading this anyways ...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Step back to reality ..

the quick trip to seattle was great!
i had a great weekend hanging out with the Johnsons and all the cool people at Seattle Pacific University ..
i've always like seattle, this time i got to visit Pike's Market , and the Northwest Cheese festival. We tasted a few (say 25) kinds of cheese .. that was cool.
i went and saw the 'The Interpreter' by nicole kidman and sean penn, it wasn't a bad movie, it was just not what i had expected it to be ... i also got a chance to watch some HK movies .. 'Internal Affairs' by Andy Lau was a good one, too bad i didn't have time to finish Jeremy's DVD collections that included '2046','New Police Story' and 'Internal Affairs 1,2,3' ... someday i'll somehow watch those movies ..
i've given a future A LOT of thoughts this weekend,
i'll probably spin up a poem for those thoughts later ..
well ..
stressful day at work ... (i am giving myself streesss...)


Friday, May 13, 2005


i'm all packed up and ready to go,
weekend trip to the sleepless city will be my goal,
to get away from here and to get there and relax,
oh seattle here i come,
i love that neatly designed downtown of yours,
it's a place i'll love to visit,
i guess it's a get away from all my worries and dreams,
just to enjoy this moment of fun , joy and friendships,
ah, what a deserving break !

i'm moving on,
i've been stuck in this cycle of life for a while now,
i've decided to move on with my life,
another cup of coffee,
another bad dream to forget,
i am breaking away ....


Tuesday, May 10, 2005


going up to the sleepless city of Seattle again ...
and this time i am taking AMTRAK .. whoop!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Passion or Addiction ? Beliefs or Tales ?

so i've been reading this book called Blue like Jazz by Don Miller,
i've read it once and now i am re-reading it for my community groups,
Miller is a funny guy, he wrote mostly about his life and his journey with Christ,
from a quite different perspectives though ...
he posed the question of what do we really believe in?
i mean really what do we really believe in?
are we just believing in something cool that everyone else is doing?
like going to church, especially in the south, it's like a "requirement" of being cool right?
no wonder i came across this term called "Christian Jocks" in a book called Christian Culture Survival Guide ... kinda funny book ... but are we just doing this church thing because it's cool, or as one of my friend puts it, some people goes to church to make themselves feel good ... really? Do we really do that? i hope it's more than that, i hope when we seek God we feel good because of the joy that is set before us, but i don't think going to church seeking to feel good will work all the time because when convictions hit i don't think that feels good ... anyways ...
so what do i believe in?
Generic answer is always , i believe in Christ the mediator between man and God, i believe in God who created everything and is in controlled ... what else ? do i believe in love ? since God is love i better believe in love. how about patience ? fun ? do you believe in fun ? what about compassion, do you believe in compassion ? what about sports? do you believe in sports? what does the Houston Rockets ever done to me that i love them so much ...
i just saw the movie "Fever Pitch" with Andrea in Portland ...
one line really hit me though ... when Drew Barrymore asked Jimmy Fallon what did Red Sox ever done to him that he was willing to be a fanatic for the Red Sox nation ..
i don't know ... what does Aggie football ever done to us .. maybe it's entertainment or "aggie-hood" ... that makes us hate the Longhorns that much? ... i don't know .. just some thoughts that i had ...
then i was listening to a sermon by John Piper ( ...
he talked about the book of Romans and book of James and what they all said about saved ONLY by faith, faith that is measured by love ... and how faith w/o works is dead ...
then i caught myself pondering again whether i truly love other people regardless of what they think of me ... it's been hard to love the people when they are so different from you ...
then what is love anyways ... it's abstract ...
what constitute love?
you tell me ...

those are my thoughts for the night ..
and yes here's my play list ...
some people has a lot of passion for nothing ...
that's really sad
some people has a lot of passion for something futile ...
that's even worse

R. Kelly - You saved me ( a great gospel song ... )
Kanye West - Jesus Walks ( i don't think Kanye really really really gets it, but he portraited the struggles vividly)
Eminem - Mocking Bird ( again, a song from a broken heart caused by broken life and circumstacnes ...)
Mat Kearny - Bullet ( "i'll take a bullet for you" , an unconventional rap song ... speaks more truth and life than the rest on the list ...)
KJ-52 - Rise Up ("you can't be the light of the world and ain't shinning ..") interesting song, more of a provoking song about living for Christ than anything else ..
Switchfoot - Love is the movement (love is the resolution ...) plain and simple , love is the resolution ...
Keane - Somewhere only we know (i'm getting old and i need something to rely on ...) a sweet song .. i love the piano /vocal part of this song ...
Gavin DeGraw - I don't wanna be - self-explainatory ...

those are the songs i like ...


Monday, May 02, 2005

blue fusion

she's been gone for a while now,
you seems to be doing fine,
remember the first time when she said it's time to move on,
you were crying yourself to sleep,
yet blessings you can only give,
to her who you think is beautiful,
to him who you think is wonderful,
now it's been two years,
looking back it's still not easy,
you been through other relationships,
yet came out empty handed,
i guess it's still time to move on,
gotta forget what lies behind and just focus on what lies ahead,
it's still a new day to learn how to love,
the love that no one might ever understand,
the love that encompass hurt,
the love that heals a broken heart,
the love that is un-conditional,
give yourself another cup of blue fusion,
forget about the sugar and the fuzz,
it's blue yet not really blue ...
let's hope it turns red sometime soon.