Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita is coming over this weekend ... brace !

howdy again from Aggieland ... where we are taking in evacuees of Hurricane Rita, while at the same time brace for it ourselves ...
this is a crazy new experience for me, i've lived thru tropical storm, but not a hurricane ...
last night my buddy Chris and i went to Reed Arena (On A&M Campus) to help out with the shelter .. and man .. there are a LOT of people, but i am glad that they are now safe in the shelters and let's pray that the storm will not damage too much of the city or cost lives ... ... it was great to see people came out and helped out at the shelters ... i think that's really coool ... and man ... showing love is what we should do ... as human and especially Christian ...
i'll keep y'all updated with the storm ..
let's brace it


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy to be alive ...

aren't you glad that you are alive?
cuz i am happy to be alive :o)

this week had beeeeeen fun and "heavy" ..
couple things / circumstances had happened in my life,
i won't go into specifics ... but at the reading of His word ... (John 14:1) regarding
trusting in Jesus really really really comforted me. Knowing that He asked me to NOT to be troubled, but trust in Him ... is a way huge lesson ... it doesn't mean that i should sit around and wait for things to happen ... but it's something to learn, to pray, to see open and close doors, to ask, to inquire and to wait ...
i'm working on a page for my teaching notes for homegroup bible study ...
i can post that up on some server soon ...

(are you still reading?)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

what if for a moment ... you disappear?

what if for a moment you can disappear or live off the grid, where you still know other people and yet they cannot find or sense you .. will that make difference in your life, will you find out the impact you had make as a human? or would the rest of your friends just move on thinking that you might be in a better place and not care anymore?
i don't know ...
sometimes i felt like the rest of the world really don't care anymore ...
or they might care more or less ... but you don't feel it ...
i don't think i am depress or anything,
i'm just in some deep thoughts.

what if i disappear just for a moment?
what if you disappear just for a moment?
can we meet in that moment then?


Sunday, September 04, 2005

i got something to say pt.2

finally .. the international community took some actions into their hands and lend their hands to US at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina .. anyways .. thanks y'all!
for a list of countries that help out .. please see ...

i love when human does the most basic thing they need to do .. love on one another .


Friday, September 02, 2005

i gotta say something ...

it had been just a week i wrote something on my blog,
this world that we had lived in had been turned upside down (not to mention my personal world too ) ...
well it's unfair to compare my personal world to the world outside because it will seemed like a pity party that i am throwing for myself ..
anyways the disaster in Southeastern US really touched my heart, being situated in South Central Texas, i heard news and see people's reactions to the tragedy in New Orleans. And being a reader to the International News Papers i am dissappointed at the governments around the world. All they do is criticized ... and analyzed saying New Orleans is like the "blackest" city in America and thus it's NOT being prepared for the hurricane instead of pouring out help and support. Where was America after the Tsunami aftermath in countries that we affected? I don't care whether they are the largest muslim country (Indonesia) or largest hindu country (India) we were there to help them, but now as our own country got hit, islamic religion leaders (extreme leaders like people for Al-Qaeda) are calling different negative comments about somehow we deserve this disaster in a sense ... i am furious with comments from the governments that are unsympathethic with this country just because we are the super power,
remember superman will cry too ...
anyways ..
all talk is nothing ..
help the victims if you can ...
to donate.

may God has mercy on us.