Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've been here before ...

Dec 2004 ....

decisions are hard,
outcomes are not always easy,
regrets are always there,
but there's also courage,
winners and losers,
there's also the middle-way that serves as the compromise,
but that's not always there,
and the guy that follows his heart instead of his brain
or the other way around,
now here my chance to make the choice,
would i stay or go,
get it or
let go.

i am at the crossroad,
forward or backward or stay where i am,
i don't know which step to take,
i waited here for You to come,
to come and take me away,
and if i fall and stumble,
i'll fall and stumble back into Your arms.
Up to the mountains or down to the valley,
i'll wait and i'll walk with You,
and if i slip and fall,
i'll slipped back into Your arms.

guess i'm back to where i was ...


as i am writing this (in my fav. coffee shop),
a deadline for decision is fast approaching,
just with thoughts of whether i should stay or leave,
a friend told me that i'm in a spacious space,
with much freedom in God.

sometimes, it seemed like the decision is between the glitz of city life,
and the simplicity of a college town,
sometimes, it seemed like the decision is between life long friendships
and the adventures of making new friends.

so ... stay tune.