Thursday, August 24, 2006

Man on a mission

i'm a man on a mission.
you'll know after you've talked to me.

get excited about the semester !

aggietech aka daniel

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back in the heart of Texas

finally get to take a breather from my busy schedule of travelling from the last couple of weeks to work on some of my stuff (ie. homegroup action plans, comp sci research proposals and such) - it's great to be back in the heart of texas - and back in my favorite coffee shop (coffee station) - nothing beats a great coffee shop with great brews , sounds and decorations !! -
my summer was great - was kinda slow (and restful) until the last couple of weeks where i was travelling between 4-5 cities and 2 continents !

i am glad to be back in texas - culture shock !! yeah - after speaking mandarin for like 3 months, speaking english again is kinda weird - and trying to revert back to western minded kind of thinking with the eastern thought not far away - is kind of weird - but to be a east-westerner or west-easterner is important in this globalized world - to know the best of both cultures and take advantage of that fact will make a person - successful - i guess that's a business person would say.

anyways - i'm back !! still have a lot of stuff on my mind - especially again on intellectuals and Christianity -

well .... i'll write more on that later.

gig'em and peace out.