Monday, December 26, 2005


New York City is definitely a different place ...
so American and yet so un-American ...
it has to be the most unique city so far (than the ones that i've been to in this year)
it's definitely different from the south,
it's larger than Dallas and Houston
it's hippier than Portland or Seattle,
busier that Los Angeles or Atlanta,
and more diverse than anywhere from Seattle to Denver ...

more thoughts to come.
and pics too.

welcome to the city.

Dan the Mack

Monday, December 05, 2005


staring at the computer screen,
trying to come out with a circuit that works,
made me feels like a loser,
my amplifier does not work,
then i look at my life,
if i can't even design the least of the creation,
how can i forge out a plan for my life?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We need a bridge ... (i mean seriously ....)

Taken over

taken over was something i wrote back in my freshmen yr, i guess it was written in the midst of confusion and such, don't know where i am goin (yet i think i had more of a direction then than now) anyways ...

it's always good to dig up some memory ...
i guess i was full of passion , faith and truth ...
i hope i don't lose those ...

anyways ...


Taken Over

What a night,
What a life,
What a day,
What a pain i faced.
I didn't know what i want,i sat there and wait,
i stood up and took the way,
yet You took me back,
i didn't know what's in store,
i only know i won't be lost anymore,
i hold on to Your hand,and that's my only gain,
i gave it all up to You,i won't even give it another view,
You had taken over me,all over me,i traded in everything,
and now i only pray for one thing,
that's to see Your face,Your grace, Your mercy,
Your forgiveness and just You,
my savior and God.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Out of contention ....

i saw your picture again today,
i really do miss you,
but i know i am out of the contention,
out of the picture,
i sure have given you up,
guess all i have left is just the memories of you and me.

it's still a beautiful day,
i know you are doing fine,
with him i mean,
i wish you the best,
i still treasure what we had,
what we still have.

i'll be there.

even though i am gone.

i should be happy,
and i try to be.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Cloudy and Cold

It's cloudy and cold,
dark clouds had moved in,
and sunshine is gone.
what is the meaning of life,
what is the meaning of all,
i see sun goes down and comes up,
i see flowers bloom,
i see flowers gone,
are we living in a self allusion?
are we living in a world of matrix where we've come up with our own solution?
you are probably right,
you are probably wrong.
Gone is the happy days,
ahead is some serious and tiring battle,
against the thoughts of human,
against the condition of life,
gone is the fake kind of life,
too much candy is not good for ya,
it's time to be real,
it's time to be real.

it's still cloudy outside,
not it's cold.

when will i see you again, sunshine?
til the clouds are gone.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh ... one of my fav game - Madden NFL - Posted by Picasa

Stephanie refused to face the camera ... Posted by Picasa

Some mums that Chris bought ... nice :o) Posted by Picasa

Laura Bush's Petunia - this is for you Andrea !  Posted by Picasa

WindMill ... yay ! Posted by Picasa

Martha's Bloomers ... i think it's the place to go and buy gardening stuff Posted by Picasa

Eric .. ahh ...there goes my good OLD roomate and buddy Posted by Picasa

Craig !!!!! i haven't seen him in a while ! Posted by Picasa

My roomate Chris making funny faces Posted by Picasa

Every University has a clock tower ... so does Texas A&M Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005


stuck in a moment of time,
i could see my past playing,
like a never ending movie,
every decision, every choice and every road that i've taken.

places that i shouldn't had been,
lines that i shouldn't had crossed,
i regret it all.

i could see my future dawning,
every pieces of my chess pieces are arranged nicely on the game board,
should i start with the knight or the pawn.
Will i fall into the same trap again,
it all seems the agony that lies ahead are coming,
but with agony there must be joy and victory.

Is this still my own game?
or is it God's?
or is this His game for me, and i'll just have to play it out on His board?
and with His guidance?

i'm stucked in a moment of time.


so much hype,
so much vibe,
the glamour of famous stars,
seems so attracting.
from the list of super stars,
to the new down right person on the news,
from the flying stars in the nba,
to the outspoken writers,
what am i to take from it all?
the struggle of where i dream to beand what is reality,
grounds me to the floor,
they found fortune and forsake it for the truth,
what about those who had found the truth and never forsake it?
are they missing out?
are we standing on one side of the fence looking into a lifestyle that we can never understand?
or are we really wishing we are part of it?
let's hold on to the truth and never let go ...
ah, all the vibe and hype.
alas, the rich and the famous.
but in the end, the truth will prevail,
emptiness will either leave or kills ya.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita is coming over this weekend ... brace !

howdy again from Aggieland ... where we are taking in evacuees of Hurricane Rita, while at the same time brace for it ourselves ...
this is a crazy new experience for me, i've lived thru tropical storm, but not a hurricane ...
last night my buddy Chris and i went to Reed Arena (On A&M Campus) to help out with the shelter .. and man .. there are a LOT of people, but i am glad that they are now safe in the shelters and let's pray that the storm will not damage too much of the city or cost lives ... ... it was great to see people came out and helped out at the shelters ... i think that's really coool ... and man ... showing love is what we should do ... as human and especially Christian ...
i'll keep y'all updated with the storm ..
let's brace it


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy to be alive ...

aren't you glad that you are alive?
cuz i am happy to be alive :o)

this week had beeeeeen fun and "heavy" ..
couple things / circumstances had happened in my life,
i won't go into specifics ... but at the reading of His word ... (John 14:1) regarding
trusting in Jesus really really really comforted me. Knowing that He asked me to NOT to be troubled, but trust in Him ... is a way huge lesson ... it doesn't mean that i should sit around and wait for things to happen ... but it's something to learn, to pray, to see open and close doors, to ask, to inquire and to wait ...
i'm working on a page for my teaching notes for homegroup bible study ...
i can post that up on some server soon ...

(are you still reading?)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

what if for a moment ... you disappear?

what if for a moment you can disappear or live off the grid, where you still know other people and yet they cannot find or sense you .. will that make difference in your life, will you find out the impact you had make as a human? or would the rest of your friends just move on thinking that you might be in a better place and not care anymore?
i don't know ...
sometimes i felt like the rest of the world really don't care anymore ...
or they might care more or less ... but you don't feel it ...
i don't think i am depress or anything,
i'm just in some deep thoughts.

what if i disappear just for a moment?
what if you disappear just for a moment?
can we meet in that moment then?


Sunday, September 04, 2005

i got something to say pt.2

finally .. the international community took some actions into their hands and lend their hands to US at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina .. anyways .. thanks y'all!
for a list of countries that help out .. please see ...

i love when human does the most basic thing they need to do .. love on one another .


Friday, September 02, 2005

i gotta say something ...

it had been just a week i wrote something on my blog,
this world that we had lived in had been turned upside down (not to mention my personal world too ) ...
well it's unfair to compare my personal world to the world outside because it will seemed like a pity party that i am throwing for myself ..
anyways the disaster in Southeastern US really touched my heart, being situated in South Central Texas, i heard news and see people's reactions to the tragedy in New Orleans. And being a reader to the International News Papers i am dissappointed at the governments around the world. All they do is criticized ... and analyzed saying New Orleans is like the "blackest" city in America and thus it's NOT being prepared for the hurricane instead of pouring out help and support. Where was America after the Tsunami aftermath in countries that we affected? I don't care whether they are the largest muslim country (Indonesia) or largest hindu country (India) we were there to help them, but now as our own country got hit, islamic religion leaders (extreme leaders like people for Al-Qaeda) are calling different negative comments about somehow we deserve this disaster in a sense ... i am furious with comments from the governments that are unsympathethic with this country just because we are the super power,
remember superman will cry too ...
anyways ..
all talk is nothing ..
help the victims if you can ...
to donate.

may God has mercy on us.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Somewhere on I-35

umm, i am not sure if anyone else is reading this blog ... if you are still my reader, then i'll make august the reader appreaciation month .. lol .. j/k anyways,
i am blogging somewhere on the I-35 between Ft.Worth and Waco .. well, precisely in Hillsboro,TX ... a month ago, today i'll be in Hillsboro,OR ... how fast the time had past me by.
Anyways, these few days had been BUSY .. hence a little stressful when i gotta deal with different things in one days, well , i've been driving a lot too ... and honestly, living with 3 other guys is really a NEW experience for me ... i know my roomates and i were joking about living in the "Big Brother House ..." sometimes it kinda felt like that ... when conflicts (even little ones) arose, it's interesting to see how people (including myself) react to the situations .... :o)
anyways, school starts next week, i've already picked out ALL my classes , yay! ..
it won't be a real busy semester ( well .. it seemed so on the paper ... not quite sure yet in the reality .. )
umm ..i haven't read much yet, much of life had been in busy-ness and hanging out with people .. i do kinda miss my alone time in Oregon (when i needed them) ...
well .. i guess i gotta transit back into my life in Texas .. :o)
btw , TEXAS is dead HOT .....

well ... i am enjoying a little bit of break in Star Bucks.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Rain and country music ....

it's another rainy day in texas,
thunderstorms are still my favorite,
it felt way cool to stand in the rain and let the rain drop on me,
just like the song "grace like rain" by todd agnew... about the grace like rain dropping on me and washing away my sins, anyways, that's my favorite part about the rain in south central texas,
other than that, the lightings are always spectecular, trust me, you wouldn't wanna miss a lighting show in texas :o)
while it's getting nice outside, i am inside my favorite coffee shop (coffee station ...) listening to some new Faith Hill's album ... sounded kinda cool ... sounds like she's trying to find her country roots ... hehe ... anyways.
it's good to be back in texas, it had been pretty relaxing for the past couple days, for the next couple days, i'll be in the planning mode for my bible study for next year ... that's gonna be great!

anyways ...
i'll pass on some pics from my drive from Oregon to Texas ..
and by the way,
i love the drive !


Mountains in Utah Posted by Picasa

Mountains in Utah Posted by Picasa

Heading towards UTAH ! -->Ogden,UT Posted by Picasa

Old Oregon Trail ... yep! Posted by Picasa

yeah .. i was there ... really .... Posted by Picasa

Boise,ID --> Capital of Idaho Posted by Picasa

Hello IDAHO --- (Speeed Limit @ 75 mph .. yay!) Posted by Picasa

BYE Oregon !!!! Posted by Picasa

More Deserts in Oregon ... (woah .. it's true they have deserts in Oregon) Posted by Picasa

Deserts of Oregon / Washington .. Posted by Picasa

Part of Portland,OR ... Posted by Picasa

going eastwards from Portland Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Red sunset and blazing thunder storm ...

driving home to Texas was definitely a great, the red sunset and blazing thunderstorms, ah, welcome to Texas. i drove about 12 hrs yesterday from colorado to ft worth, it was great, and i felt that my life had been like that for the past couple years, trying to hurry to get to some place and missed out all other things that were happening around me, so i slow myself , i even took a nap to make sure i am well rested for the drive. It was great meeting up with Chris and Kirk up in Ft. Worth, we talked for a long long time before heading off to bed.
Chris and i drove back to College Station today, and hence we drove thru a thunderstorm from Ft. Worth to Waco, felt like the usual summer days in Texas ... anyways ...
College Station is full of good memories (well some not so good ones either) but anyways, i am back to where i've left off a couple months ago, i guess i'll have to transit back to my life here, though many things seemed unchanged, some things do change ... i guess those changes are good :o) ... anyways.

take care,macster

Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Amazing Race - America West ...

alright, i left Portland,OR earlier today and headed for Boise,ID ..
i googled the maps and directions for it .. sounded pretty simple ... about a 500+ miles drive, should take about 6 hrs ... well it actually took me around 7 and 1/2 hrs to get to Boise,
i guess the tough part of the drive were driving through the desert (which was MOST of it) and drive upwards on mountain passes ... mountain passes were way cool, but my car is not made for mountain climbing so that kinda slows me down a little.
i was amazed and amazed again by the nature today ... the mountains in Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho were great ... they amazed me, somehow after living in the concrete forrest for a while we kinda forget how great and creative our God is. He puts mountains, sand dunes, rivers, canyon and lakes all together to form a great scenery ... great art work of His. As i drove into Boise, the back drop of the city is one of the mountains, and that looked great :o) ... anyways ...
i also saw some other cool stuff ... like "dry lighting" ... lighting striking the ground in the desert where it wasn't raining ... "half-sized" rain bow .. where the rain bow did not go across the sky but was reflected off one of the "cylinder shaped" clouds (kinda like the one God used to lead Israel outta Egypt .. hehe .. " anyways ...
those are my adventures today ...
keep on be amazed by God ...
keep on praising Him because He is the Beautiful One ...

... what's next ...
Salt Lake City will be my next destination,
i'll take a tour of the temple of mormon and see what they really think about Christ ...
then i'm off to Cheyenne,WY .. Yeeeeeehaw ... absolutely western cow-town that i can't miss ..
i'll make a stop in Philmont (righ?) NM to visit Stephanie then to Alburquequer,NM for the night before heading to Amarillo,TX
from there it's the home-stretch drive home to College Station,TX

give thanks to HIM , daily.

~love y'all.
(somewhere near Idaho's Capital Building)

Friday, July 29, 2005

end of a chapter ...

my bags are packed again,
i've concluded the latest chapter in my life -- "Living in Portland : MTV meets Jesus Freak" ...
j/k .. just kidding ...
i've concluded my internship up in the Northwest,
and getting ready to go back South. I realise it's going to be a big change,
therefore i am going to take a few days to let things settle in. So, instead of taking the 5 hrs flight back to Houston, i am taking a 36 hrs car ride, sound fun huh?
i've learned quite a bit up here, lots of deep questions had bombarded my mind,
sometimes i just don't wanna think about them and keep my life simple ...
anyways ..
i am going on another journey again,
this time the journey home,
i might not find it the way i left it,
because i've changed,
and i realize other people have also change,
so it's another journey,
another chapter of my life ..
let's call it -- "Living in Aggieland : So far yet so close ..."

macster :o)

Matthew West !!

Daniel - Matthew West - Esther


Pictures with Avalon!

Avalon ( cool Christian band) with us !
from the left ...
Jody,Melissa,Jordan,me(Daniel),Esther,Jana,Greg,Erica and Carl ..

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the bridge ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

High Desert

i spend my time at Oregon's High Desert over the weekends with some friends from church,
it was an interesting experience. Central Oregon is beautiful ... the scenery feels like heaven i would say (well .. no golden streets) but snow-capped mountains, clear streams and rivers, transparent lake, huge canyon, and it's a desert by some chance. It's beautiful, it's definitely a time well spent, though i didn't really really enjoy the watersports because i am "aqua-phobia" i did do some tubing and lots of hiking ( my foot really really hurts right now) ...
it was time well spent ..
pondering on life questions like do i really follow Jesus ? what does it mean to do so?
and do i really believe that i am God's workmanship or am i just some random combination of luck .. yep... tough questions with answers from the basics of my faith yet i still messed those up sometimes.
anyways ... i better start packing for my journey back home,
oh sweet home texas.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Seattle - Black and White

Seattle - Black and White ..