Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We need a bridge ... (i mean seriously ....)

Taken over

taken over was something i wrote back in my freshmen yr, i guess it was written in the midst of confusion and such, don't know where i am goin (yet i think i had more of a direction then than now) anyways ...

it's always good to dig up some memory ...
i guess i was full of passion , faith and truth ...
i hope i don't lose those ...

anyways ...


Taken Over

What a night,
What a life,
What a day,
What a pain i faced.
I didn't know what i want,i sat there and wait,
i stood up and took the way,
yet You took me back,
i didn't know what's in store,
i only know i won't be lost anymore,
i hold on to Your hand,and that's my only gain,
i gave it all up to You,i won't even give it another view,
You had taken over me,all over me,i traded in everything,
and now i only pray for one thing,
that's to see Your face,Your grace, Your mercy,
Your forgiveness and just You,
my savior and God.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Out of contention ....

i saw your picture again today,
i really do miss you,
but i know i am out of the contention,
out of the picture,
i sure have given you up,
guess all i have left is just the memories of you and me.

it's still a beautiful day,
i know you are doing fine,
with him i mean,
i wish you the best,
i still treasure what we had,
what we still have.

i'll be there.

even though i am gone.

i should be happy,
and i try to be.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Cloudy and Cold

It's cloudy and cold,
dark clouds had moved in,
and sunshine is gone.
what is the meaning of life,
what is the meaning of all,
i see sun goes down and comes up,
i see flowers bloom,
i see flowers gone,
are we living in a self allusion?
are we living in a world of matrix where we've come up with our own solution?
you are probably right,
you are probably wrong.
Gone is the happy days,
ahead is some serious and tiring battle,
against the thoughts of human,
against the condition of life,
gone is the fake kind of life,
too much candy is not good for ya,
it's time to be real,
it's time to be real.

it's still cloudy outside,
not it's cold.

when will i see you again, sunshine?
til the clouds are gone.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh ... one of my fav game - Madden NFL - Posted by Picasa

Stephanie refused to face the camera ... Posted by Picasa

Some mums that Chris bought ... nice :o) Posted by Picasa

Laura Bush's Petunia - this is for you Andrea !  Posted by Picasa

WindMill ... yay ! Posted by Picasa

Martha's Bloomers ... i think it's the place to go and buy gardening stuff Posted by Picasa

Eric .. ahh ...there goes my good OLD roomate and buddy Posted by Picasa

Craig !!!!! i haven't seen him in a while ! Posted by Picasa

My roomate Chris making funny faces Posted by Picasa

Every University has a clock tower ... so does Texas A&M Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005


stuck in a moment of time,
i could see my past playing,
like a never ending movie,
every decision, every choice and every road that i've taken.

places that i shouldn't had been,
lines that i shouldn't had crossed,
i regret it all.

i could see my future dawning,
every pieces of my chess pieces are arranged nicely on the game board,
should i start with the knight or the pawn.
Will i fall into the same trap again,
it all seems the agony that lies ahead are coming,
but with agony there must be joy and victory.

Is this still my own game?
or is it God's?
or is this His game for me, and i'll just have to play it out on His board?
and with His guidance?

i'm stucked in a moment of time.


so much hype,
so much vibe,
the glamour of famous stars,
seems so attracting.
from the list of super stars,
to the new down right person on the news,
from the flying stars in the nba,
to the outspoken writers,
what am i to take from it all?
the struggle of where i dream to beand what is reality,
grounds me to the floor,
they found fortune and forsake it for the truth,
what about those who had found the truth and never forsake it?
are they missing out?
are we standing on one side of the fence looking into a lifestyle that we can never understand?
or are we really wishing we are part of it?
let's hold on to the truth and never let go ...
ah, all the vibe and hype.
alas, the rich and the famous.
but in the end, the truth will prevail,
emptiness will either leave or kills ya.