Saturday, January 07, 2012

What are we after?

After reading and contemplating about the book "Irresistible Revolution" and starting to read "Simply Christian", I took some time and wrote down the following poem (or better, just words because it doesn't really follow any poetic rules), so here to some new poetry after a long absence of words.

What are we after?
What are we longing for?
The comfort of the present world has blinded us again.
Just like the wars that used to numb us.
We have become wholly distracted by the things we use to comfort us,
yet it all leads to emptiness,
it all loops back to brokenness,
because we cannot make ourselves hold.

We groan for help from our inner being,
we express our cries in the form of lyrics,
we take on causes of social justice,
but for what?
for these acts to awaken us from ourselves?

Another world is possible,
we hear its whispers,
yet we are unmoved,
will we wait until the end,
or will we act with urgency?
will we act with radical love that Jesus had shown us?
will we live with radical abandonment away from this world?

Maybe it's not all material after all,
we are soul beings,
and we belong to another world,
that is coming soon.

And that what i'm after.