Monday, January 31, 2005

Twenty - something ?

welcome to the world of post-college ,
well i am not exactly done with college ,
i am just taking a break from it while working with a hi-tech company up in
the Pacific Northwest ...
i started to wonder what people do after they get off college,
and move to a new city to start a new life,
no friends , no relatives , no nothing ..
(sure that's might be kinda extreme because you'll always try to go somewhere
that you know at least one person , but in this case it's a little bit different .. )
here's my life ..
waking early in the morning (say around 6.15 am)
get ready to work and head off to work around 6.40 am,
have breakfast at the cafeteria,
then go to my cube,
read my emails,
look at my task list,
do the stuff i need to do,
eat lunch,
go back to work,
get off work at 5.00pm
then go home and cook (if i m not tired)
watch some tv,
read some books,
be bored .. ...
read the word ..
write some stuff .....
that's about it ...

boring huh
i think other people have more interesting lives than i do ..
i still try to figure that out ..

Saturday, January 29, 2005

check it out ..

East Bound Train

it's raining out there,
it's ice cold in my heart,
with music pumping to my ears,
and my head bobbing with the beat,
so do the person sits next to me,
i guess i've seen my clone,
there's so many of them,
i don't know what they are thinking,
but i guess they listen to what the world has to say,
with IPOD in one hand and self-help book on the other,
are they under some kind of spell?
am i being watched by them too?
All we are looking for is the trutmeaning,
we are all tired of the lies yet we listen to them,
i've found the truth,
then what?
why don't they ask ? Are they tired of the answers too?
or is it better to find out yourselve than to be told ...
these are just my thoughts on the east bound train ..
and it's still raining out there ..

Sunday, January 23, 2005

un-familiar ground

hey ... (instead of good ol' howdy)
welcome to my life in the Pacific Northwest ...
it's been kinda weird last few days ..
doing things that i normally wouldn't do like
going swing dancing .. that is such an awesome experience
though i am only an amateur .. i got friends that would love to dance with me
(thanks to Becca , though i don't think you'll be reading this .. )
anyways ..
how would you feel waking up Saturday morning not knowing what to do
because you usually spend your Saturday's morning visiting nursing home
and Saturday afternoon hanging out with your buddies?
i didn't know what to do,
i made myself some simple breakfast ... then surf the web ...
boring comparing to my other lifestyle ...
i did hung out with people Saturday night,
thanks to the party invitation from new peeps that i just met (Chris,Amy,Alisa,Becca,Mike,etc.)
and so i went over and hung out with the 20 somethingers .. fun fun fun .. though
i am the youngest guy there .. we had pizza and we played Mexican Train (a game i've never played though i am from Tejas ... )
what about Sunday morning ..
usually i woke up knowing what to do ..
meaning either going to worship practice or sunday morning setups or if i woke up kinda late
i'll be just going to church (maybe giving a ride to someone else .. like say Chris ) ..
so i woke up .. make myself some breakfast .. read some .. then what ?!
well .. i walked to the closet Metro Station took the Light Rail to the Milikan Way Stop (ie. next to the Nike HQ) .. waited for the bus for 20 mins then take the bus to church ..
i've never really done that in America .. taking Bus to church ..
so it had been some different experience for me here in the Northwest ..
apparently .. Portland is a BIG BEER town ...
people drink beer like water (even Christians .. yes .. well those over 21 years old)
well i start work monday morning ..
should be a brand new experience ..
i really gotta start work ,
because i am tired of sitting at home.

thanks for reading y'all.
i'll keep y'all posted.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Kaohsiung,Taiwan .. is the Sister City of Portland,OR Posted by Hello

city hall that has a very neat Cafe Posted by Hello

nike town in Downtown Portland (Portland is where the HQ of Nike is based in) Posted by Hello

Friday, January 21, 2005

Protesters and anti-Protesters .... Posted by Hello

Supporters for war  Posted by Hello

Downtown Portland , Bush Supporters and Bush Bashers  Posted by Hello

This is the house i live in Beaverton,OR Posted by Hello

This is my bed and laptop Posted by Hello

This is my room Posted by Hello

God's grace and our faith

so i visited "The Flavor" last night,
a Portland Area Singles Ministry / Young Adult Ministry ..
met some pretty neat people ranges from College Students that hip (ie. punk-ish with cool hair)
and white-collar technical people that are relevant (ie. bar hoppin after Bible study ... ) and
neat Praise and Worship led by an Indian dude with a EE degree .. sweet huh ...
well .. anyways .. the Pastor gave a very basic yet importand teaching last nite,
he used verses from the book of Galatians 2:17-21 ... which is living by faith by the grace of the LORD .. he preached the basic Gospel .. ie. living by faith thru grace ... and not living in a work based life .. which is easilly to be fell into ... so anyways .. instead of trying to live by our own strength .. let Christ live thru us .. let the change comes from inside instead of a temporary outside change ... ahh that takes patience .. anyways ..
i am going to Swing dancing tonite ...
yeap .. friends that i met at The Flavor invited me..
so i'll go though i am HORRIBLE at dancing
but that's ok .. there's always lessons.

i start work monday morning (at 7.30am)
which means i prolly need to wake up around 6.00 am.
and people actually use the word snazzy here...


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Portland City Center .. again

so i was kinda bored today (well i have a few more days til my internship starts with Intel)
anyways ..
i went and rode the MAX Trains again ... it's a fun experience ... it only took me about 15-20 mins to travel to Downtown Portland , fun huh .. and on the way there i can read books (and i did) or listen to some CDs (well once i get a CD player of course or iPOD) .. anyways .. i actually travelled up West to Hillsboro today .. and i did visited Downtown Hillsboro ... Hillsboro is HUGE (ie. 80,000 people) slightly bigger than College Station .. but the Downtown is like downtown of any small size city think Crocket,TX but a lot more nicer .. anyways .. i lived in Beaverton which is more ghetto than other suburbs of Portland or Portland itself .. then i rode the train downtown .. saw some interesting people , i heard people were protesting downtown so i was like sure let's go take a look and say something good abou Bush (cuz almost everyone else is a Bush Basher) .. here's some stuff i saw .. " American Liberty , R.I.P , 1/20/2005 " or " 4 war years " , or " **** Bush " ok just guess those **** that could be any cuss word .. but then i bumped into some Protest Warriors ... check out their websites , which is pretty cool , i gave them some High Fives and took some pictures with them ... i might even join them next time if they have another rally (i was thinking going along with them today .. but it's kinda late .. well it gets dark here around 4.55 pm) .. anyways .. oh yea the downtown trip .. went to a really cool mall .. and saw the only other SAKS 5th Ave on 5th Ave outside New York , had some good coffee .. saw a lot of people who looks like me .. ie wearing headphones all the time (except i m not today) .. saw a lot of different kinds of people .. i saw people dressed in the Medieval Times , Punk , Most Fasionable Clothes (that makes you think that they are either the models or they owned that particular store ... or... w/e) .. saw Asians,Africans,Caucasians,Hispanics,Republicans,Democrats, and i think Green Party people is everywhere too ..
i love downtowns .. it energized me .. in a sense ..
well ..
i am visiting "The Flavor" tonite at Village Baptist ..
check out their website The Flavor - Home .

that's all for today
i'll really really try to post some pics.


Monday, January 10, 2005

Trip to Taipei

sorry for not written for a few days,
my fam and i took a trip to Taipei , the capital city of Taiwan,
it's a BIG , no , HUGE city ,
we rode the Metro Rail almost everyday and that;s basically our main transportation ...
honestly i've never seeen so many people before ...
during rush hour , Taipei Main Station is like JAM Packed ... and you've got instructions written in chinese and english but also being read out in 3 different chinese dialects and english, crazy huh ..
that was fun ...
i got an opportunity to meet my cousins that i've never met before and that was really cool,
i met almost all my cousins .. and hung out with them ... somehow we got to talk about politics and society stuff ... my girl cousin is really well read and know whole bunch of stuff and full of ideas ...
and she told me bunch of the problems that she saw in this society (she's gonna be a social worker) .. so that was interesting :o)
i've got some pictures... and i really need to post'em up here ...
i'll try to do so ....

oh btw ...
i'll be moving up to Portland,OR next monday ...


c'yall back in C.S in few days.


Sunday, January 02, 2005

Welcome to the planet, welcome to the fall out ....

stepping back into the world of Asians is truly a new experience,
this is the first time for myself to truly see the Chinese/Taiwanese culture,
and it's pretty "culture-shocking" ... hehe ...
welcome to the planet ... a planet full of materialism, full of false gods , fantasies, and yet hard-working people and many wrong ways to heaven .. people tried hard to do good things or live good lives .. and a place where the gospel of Christ is really really needed ...
i love big cities .. yeap i bet pretty much everyone knows that about myself... suddently i am kinda
tired of it .. the city that i am in right now .. is a BIG city .. i went to New Year's Count the other day,
about 100,000 people showed up at the City Stadium for the party .. crazy huh .. the city is pretty much 24/7 .. there's people in need EVERYWHERE .. but there's always temptations everywhere ... i saw so many people at one of the many malls today .. so many people whose future are determined by their income .. they don't earn much yet they spend a lot ...
welcome to the fall out ...
darkness is all around me (us !) ... though i could see the lights in other Christian .. and many of them are genuine Christian ( and i am encouraged by them).. never waste a minute to share the gospel with others ...
let's wake up y'all..
for those of us who lived in the bible-belt,
this world seeeeeems so far away ...
we have our own Third Day instead of the worldly Maroon 5,
our own KJ 52 instead of the worldly Eminem,
our own Relevant Magazine instead of the US Weekly,
i don't know .. i think those stuff are GREAT ... gives us an alternative from the secular media
that might tempt us ..
but KNOW that there's a need out there ..
let's pray y'all .. let's ask God for directions ..
God can shakes a mountain .. He can save a generation ..
let's pray y'all ..

let me know some of your thoughts :o)
check out this song by tobyMac .. called Atmosphere ..
and um ... flip to your CNN and watch the world news.