Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The other side of the world

ni hao from the other side of the world,
i've safely made it to home in taiwan :o)
it was a long trip but it sure is nice to be able to be at home with my parents and sister.
i am still adjusting to the timezone, lifestyle, culture, language and such, prayer will be appreciated :o)

it had been great so far, had an opportunity to sat down and pray with my family yesterday, something we haven't done at a family in a while because i was always MIA when they get together with my sister.

today will be fun - well the first day that i will have other human contact then my family, and it's going to be challenging (i think) - to get to know other people, to make friends and to talk and share my faith and such. Last time i was here, i was very very shy, hopefully today will be a little different !

oh anyways - the view from my room is awesome, especially at like 6 oclock in the morning - since taiwan had long abolished daylight savings time (it is too confusing) , day usually dawned around 5:30 in the morning (actually that's like Oregon with day light savings ... haha) - so from my window at the 14th floor, i can see the sun shining down on the city - that is absolutely gorgeous !

anyways -
that's my post for now - i'll take some pics of view and post'em up here -

take care y'all.

love and peace.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

this just came out a couple days ago,
check it out.

go KJ.

(can't stop dancing to hip hop music.)


the semester came to an end at 5/9/2006 - 5:30 pm.
i am a free man.

stuff to do before i leave town
- pack my stuff up (and store it in storage)
- pack for my trip
- pay my bills
- talk to prof about research
- find a sublease
- have fun as usual !

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunrise , sunrise

it's been a while since i saw sun ray's in my own room,
i had them during my summers in Oregon where sun will rise and its rays will shine on my face to wake me up from my sleep ... today the same thing happened to my room in Texas - i guess after the thunderstorm last night, the sun decided to wake early and shine brightly, that was totally awesome. i am just starting my round of exams today, i thought i had a plan to study everything according to my time table, but i guess that doesn't really work out all the time - i am almost ready for today's test, but not tomorrow's ... i guess i am in a little bit of time crunch but hopefully i can pull it thru :o)
anyways - i'll be done by tuesday - and then the life after school (for 3 months) will began, what kind of journey awaits me ? it's still too early to tell, but i know next 3 months will be interesting, testing and hopefully enduring.

ah, how i miss the nature, mountains , waterfalls and beaches.
ah, how i miss the music, especially the smooth jazz that puts me into a happy mode ...
but, thank God for the day and a nice breeze in the middle of May,
especially in texas.

peace out,

Saturday, May 06, 2006

i guess i am not supposed to write this but i will ...

it's finals week, finally !
the semester really flew outta my hand like a baseball - once its gone, its gone - and it will break that window .. jk
i guess i decided to post something in the middle of finals week because i am not supposed to -
i've been posted on my xanga for my dead days junk - but i decided to switch back to blogger because i like blogger better -
last couple of days had been wonderful ! - see my post in
i think i am getting some studying done - not all - i hope to get at least my AI done tonight so i can start on other stuff like the OS final that i am sweating over -
anyways - last couple of weeks had been fun (and lots of ups and downs .. and whole lot of in between - mood wise ..)
i did get to go to Ring Dance last weekend, and that was fantastic :o)
just a thought - sometimes i wish that Ring Dance never ends - so the life can really be that dreamy (ya know - dances and such) ... but i know the dance did end, life just keeps on moving - sometimes i wish that church service will never ends - like um - sunday everyday to keep the spiritual momentum going - but it does (the corporate part anyways ...) ... so life goes on ...

i love finals week - because the library is packed and everybody is studying -
now A&M does look like Harvard or MIT (during finals only !) ...



well - if you are still reading this - shoot me back with something -
and i'll keep on posting.

oh btw i'll be in taiwan/m'sia for the summer - i'll def. keep everyone posted.

peace out.