Saturday, August 30, 2008

College Ministry kick-off and life ...

howdy - and welcome back to college life.
the first week of fall semester is always a rush (especially if you are involved in a student ministry ...)

i've meant to blog about this a couple weeks ago, except, ya know, as stated above the start of the Fall semester is usually the busiest for the college ministry ...
but ... it's rather exciting to meet new faces and form new friendships ...
and hopefully this is a fruitful year for all the different campus churches and ministries .. by His grace !

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Snap shots of Siggraph and Volume Graphics Symposium

... so ... i also attended/presented at Volume Graphics 2008, as well as visited Siggraph 2008 for a day .. here are the snap shots from VG and Siggraph ...

Snap shots of L.A

Dodger stadium ... yep ... i got to see Manny (as well as the Phillies and other Dodgers like Park who lasted less than an inning played !)

this was somewhere on Hollywood Blvd ...

this is the famous Staples Center ...

Another shot of Dodger stadium

Downtown L.A ... actually reminded me of main street Asia (aka main street Taipei or K.L)

Friday, August 08, 2008

3 Cities , 2 timezones and whatever's on the way ..

so i'm bounded for Los Angeles for IEEE/EG Volume Graphics Conference on Sunday and Monday ... then a day of touring/sight seeing/resting on Tuesday which is going to be awesome =)

i'll try to blog from L.A and post some pics up =)

i'll try to catch Manny at the Dodgers game ... maybe he'll hit a homerun =P

peace out.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

random shots of life ...

so ... i got a new camera ... and ... i love taking random shots of life !!

this is just plain funny ... Sugar Free Lemon Cake (but not for weight control ....)

There's this "rough neck" statue in front of the petroleum engineering building ,
and someone had put a ring of flower around him ....

interesting signs ...

Vanilla Ice is coming to Aggieland ... just a decade late .... :-P