Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Somewhere on I-35

umm, i am not sure if anyone else is reading this blog ... if you are still my reader, then i'll make august the reader appreaciation month .. lol .. j/k anyways,
i am blogging somewhere on the I-35 between Ft.Worth and Waco .. well, precisely in Hillsboro,TX ... a month ago, today i'll be in Hillsboro,OR ... how fast the time had past me by.
Anyways, these few days had been BUSY .. hence a little stressful when i gotta deal with different things in one days, well , i've been driving a lot too ... and honestly, living with 3 other guys is really a NEW experience for me ... i know my roomates and i were joking about living in the "Big Brother House ..." sometimes it kinda felt like that ... when conflicts (even little ones) arose, it's interesting to see how people (including myself) react to the situations .... :o)
anyways, school starts next week, i've already picked out ALL my classes , yay! ..
it won't be a real busy semester ( well .. it seemed so on the paper ... not quite sure yet in the reality .. )
umm ..i haven't read much yet, much of life had been in busy-ness and hanging out with people .. i do kinda miss my alone time in Oregon (when i needed them) ...
well .. i guess i gotta transit back into my life in Texas .. :o)
btw , TEXAS is dead HOT .....

well ... i am enjoying a little bit of break in Star Bucks.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Rain and country music ....

it's another rainy day in texas,
thunderstorms are still my favorite,
it felt way cool to stand in the rain and let the rain drop on me,
just like the song "grace like rain" by todd agnew... about the grace like rain dropping on me and washing away my sins, anyways, that's my favorite part about the rain in south central texas,
other than that, the lightings are always spectecular, trust me, you wouldn't wanna miss a lighting show in texas :o)
while it's getting nice outside, i am inside my favorite coffee shop (coffee station ...) listening to some new Faith Hill's album ... sounded kinda cool ... sounds like she's trying to find her country roots ... hehe ... anyways.
it's good to be back in texas, it had been pretty relaxing for the past couple days, for the next couple days, i'll be in the planning mode for my bible study for next year ... that's gonna be great!

anyways ...
i'll pass on some pics from my drive from Oregon to Texas ..
and by the way,
i love the drive !


Mountains in Utah Posted by Picasa

Mountains in Utah Posted by Picasa

Heading towards UTAH ! -->Ogden,UT Posted by Picasa

Old Oregon Trail ... yep! Posted by Picasa

yeah .. i was there ... really .... Posted by Picasa

Boise,ID --> Capital of Idaho Posted by Picasa

Hello IDAHO --- (Speeed Limit @ 75 mph .. yay!) Posted by Picasa

BYE Oregon !!!! Posted by Picasa

More Deserts in Oregon ... (woah .. it's true they have deserts in Oregon) Posted by Picasa

Deserts of Oregon / Washington .. Posted by Picasa

Part of Portland,OR ... Posted by Picasa

going eastwards from Portland Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Red sunset and blazing thunder storm ...

driving home to Texas was definitely a great, the red sunset and blazing thunderstorms, ah, welcome to Texas. i drove about 12 hrs yesterday from colorado to ft worth, it was great, and i felt that my life had been like that for the past couple years, trying to hurry to get to some place and missed out all other things that were happening around me, so i slow myself , i even took a nap to make sure i am well rested for the drive. It was great meeting up with Chris and Kirk up in Ft. Worth, we talked for a long long time before heading off to bed.
Chris and i drove back to College Station today, and hence we drove thru a thunderstorm from Ft. Worth to Waco, felt like the usual summer days in Texas ... anyways ...
College Station is full of good memories (well some not so good ones either) but anyways, i am back to where i've left off a couple months ago, i guess i'll have to transit back to my life here, though many things seemed unchanged, some things do change ... i guess those changes are good :o) ... anyways.

take care,macster