Saturday, April 07, 2007

City lights

City lights,
endless fights,
how do we deal with the pride,
that seems to bring more than a blow,
to our lives, characters and dreams?
we tried to escape,
but we ended up in a trap,
we fight on to rest,
yet we ended up weary and dead.
Where is the hope in life that we so looking forward to,
where is the peace that we always longed?
somehow we've lost sight of Christ,
the One who brings peace and hope,
the One that knows how to live,
the One that knows our needs,
come let us return to Him,
under the neon signs,
turn off the music and let us reflect,
the meaning of life,
and why we rush from venues to venues,
and missed the sights along the way.

Who have we become?
We are not an optimization problem to be solved,
because each of us are unique,
and our potentials are different,
and yet we try to generalize everybody,
no i won't give in to this,
i choose to live my life in the light,
only in the light .... and delight in the light ...