Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Chipotle in Seattle (outside of University of Washington) ... doesn't it look just like the one in College Station ? ---- and this concluded the trip ! Posted by Hello

Esther ! (she my sister by the way ...) Posted by Hello

Daniel and Chris ... ahh FINALLY we went to SEATTLE .... and that promise from Chris was REAL ! Posted by Hello

Esther and Nini .. somewhere in Seattle with the ?Pi? sign .. and all the art works Posted by Hello

Sun Soy .. and all the funny stories .... at the breakfast table Posted by Hello

Underground tour ... and the toilet..... Posted by Hello

in Seattle ! Posted by Hello

go Chris go ! Posted by Hello

Nini and Celene .. half awake half asleep ... j/k Posted by Hello

Smile !!! Posted by Hello

Daniel and Chris goofing off ! Posted by Hello

Driving to seaside ....  Posted by Hello

nini and the statue (pioneer square Portland) Posted by Hello

Esther and Andrea Posted by Hello

let's go hiking let's go .... Posted by Hello

Esther,Nin and Celene Posted by Hello

Spring Break gang Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

how do you feel?

I'm not afraid of anything
I just need to know if I can breath
I don't need much of anything
But suddenly, suddenly

I am small and the world is big
All around me is fast moving
Surrounded by so many things
But suddenly, suddenly

How does it feel, to be different from me?
Are we the same?
How does it feel, to be different from me?
Are we the same?
How does it feel?

I'm young, and I am free
But I get tired, and I get weak
I get lost, and I can't sleep
But suddenly, suddenly

~ How does it feel ~ Avril Lavigne

for some reason, this song had been stucked in my head for a few days,
sometimes i really felt that way, the world is big and everything is fast moving,
and i felt like i am stucked in a moment ...

the part that really really struck me was the chorus,
how many times did we ponder whether other people can really feel what we are feeling,
or knowing what we are going thru.
from a Christian perspectives,
sometimes personally i felt like what do people think when i am doing stuff that i do,
maybe people will regard as weird listening to "christian" music or wearing "christian" t-shirts,
going to church, not cussing out loud(or at all) ... etc
or whether does people ever ponder how's life of a Christian,
sometimes i ponder how does it feel to be at the other end of the world,
being in a totally different state of life, although we can all see that thru TV shows like Friends, The OC and so forth and so on .. but it will not really hit ya when you come to a close encouter with possibly people who are living like that .... do we really understand the world ? does the world really don't want to understand us? are we living as we should ? or are we putting up barriers to protect ourselves from others?

maybe someone is on the other side of the spectrum, listening to the same song,
pondering whether people know how they felt. they don't buy into all the "christian" sub-culture stuff, to them maybe Christian radio might be just another dial on the radio, tobyMac is the kid right across the street with street credibility, and 3 days grace is just another rock band ...
this kid might be long to see genuine Christianity, Christianity in action not just Christianity in apparel...

what we have as Christians is love from God and realness of life if we choose to live what we've called to, and what the rest of the western world lacks might be the reality of life, reality TV is there temporary to fill in the emptiness of the souls, rock music can only go so far, dope will stop eventually, and work based religion will only discouraged the heck outta the world ..

the love of Christ is the only way to bridge between the world and Christians,
how does it feel to be a Christian?
how does it feel to be a non-Christian?
are we the same?
do we have the same problem?
there are many questions to be answered,
the root of the answer has to be Christ and His Gospel.

though it's hard,
let's live it,
thru Christ,
who strengthen us.

~ Daniel

Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Break Collage ....  Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Saturday morning,
woke up in the middle of the rain,
i need to meet You,
i need to love You.
Inspite of all the things i gotta do,
inspite of the rain that pours from heaven,
i need to love You,
i need to see You.

Monday morning,
woke up in the mess of my room,
i need You to love me,
i need You to meet with me,
inspite of my mess,
You still love me,
and i love You,
that's just more than i can say to You,

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Undo me

Undo me ~ Jennifer Knapp
Papa, I think I messed up again
Was it something I did?
Was it something I said?
I don't mean to do You wrong
It's just the way of human nature
Sister, I know I let you down
I can tell by the fact that you're never comin' 'round
You don't have to say a thing
I can tell by your eyes exactly what you mean
That it's?.
Time to get down on my knees and pray
"Lord, undo me!"
Put away my flesh and bone 'til you own
This spirit through me
Lord, undo me

Momma, I know I made you cry
But I never meant to hurt you
No, I never meant to lie
While the world shook it's head in shame
I let you take the blame
Brother, I know you labored
So hard to please?
But I cut you down and I left you
On your knees
Well, I know it must be?

I am wanting, needing, guilty & greedy
Unrighteous, unholy, undo me, undo me?
Abba, you must wonder why
More times than Peter I have denied
Three nails and a cross to prove
I owe my life eternally to you

~ that's the cry of my heart.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Trip to bookstore

so here's a second post in a day,
i went out to Border's Bookstore today,
sought to read some new books and hear some new music,
didn't really pay too much attention to the new music except
Keane's CD that i can't stream off Napster, and other titles like Kelly Clarkson's new CD.
But there's some good books that i bumped into,
one of them is called Darwin's Blackbox, honestly i am not a big science guy,
true i love computers and did a lot of stuff with computers and work as a software engineer,
i never really look into pure science stuff (besides the ones that were required by college ...)
so i picked up that book that was trying to refute Darwin's theory by answering questions raised by Darwin thru biochemistry ... yes ... i skipped right thru the book to the last chapters that talked about religion and science, very interesting .. as the author pointed our, the so called "Big-Bang" theory can only fit into one theology, the Judeo-Christian theology, because the rest of the religions claimed that the universe is always in the finite state while Judeo-Christianity claimed that the universe was created by a Creator .. it's an interesting book, i should read it next time instead of skim it .. but anyways .. and there's other scientific books that talked about the possible of teleporter and time-machine .. not in too much of my interest other than reading it anyways. Then this other magazine caught my eye, i forgot whether it's Time or Newsweek or some other current events magazine that talked about the Da Vinci Code ... it's so sad that people til this time still denying the existance of Christ and so forth and so on, i am pretty dissappointed at the point of view of the magazine ... but hey we lived in a secular society that treasures things that are without eternal value , it's kinda sad ... i guess we haven't "evolve" at all, back in the first century they were people who didn't believe in Christ while He was here .. now a few thousands years later, they were still people who didn't believe in Him although they could see the followers of Him that imitate Him ...
so that's just my thoughts for the days,
i promise there won't be a third post unless something happen in the next hr of so.

~ daniel

my idea of a new kind of grocery store

while i was cooking today,
i thought of an awesome idea for a new kind of grocery store,
a grocery store for singles !
It's gonna be a grocery store that sell fruits and vegetables and meat with a smaller portion
so that a busy single person like me don't have to worry about wasting raw food materials,
they should also have recipes in the store so people like me can make up my mind about
what to cook and buy the right materials instead grabbing all the stuff that looks great yet don't fit.
that's my idea of grocery store ...
oh they should have lots of Arizona Ice Tea so that people would drink that instead of beer,
some bottle of wine for food (or whatever people want) ,
only sells 1 liter milk and 12 cans soda ...
and that's my ideal grocery store.

Friday, March 04, 2005

here's another good one ...  Posted by Hello

this is my favorite picture of the Multnomah Falls Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Somewhere Only we know

it's raining outside again,
i am playing some brit-pop on my laptop,
from keane to coldplay to up and coming doves,
one verse in keane's song "somewhere only we know" kinda hit me,

Oh simple thing where have you gone

I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

i know they are probably talking about girls or life,
really, where have all the simple things in our life gone?
how come everything had gradually became so complicated,
sometimes i wish simpleness is what i will settle for,
but once we get there, we try to complicate it so that we can get used to it ..

anyways, another good discussion at community group tonight,
we talked about "the core" , which is the "core motives" of our lives,
why we go to church, why we go to work, why we wear certain types of clothes,
is our motives praises from men ? and how did that turned into self-glorification,
instead of God-glorification ...
and why do we do certain types of things ..
it really makes me think .. why do i go to work, why do i go hiking, why do people go on dates, why does mtv is that popular, why ... why ... why ...
it boiled down to the core .. and there's 2 choices .. Glory to God who gives us all our gifts and abilities .. or self-glorification that leads to destruction ..
neat thought ..


i still got mellow rock music playing on my laptop ..
why do i listen to them .. hmm .. i don't know.

~ daniel
p/s anyone realize that .. in the morning .. you feel like NOT going to work .. in the evening you feel like NOT going away from work to go home .. why is that?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

nice huh ...  Posted by Hello

Beatiful River Front .. Downtown Park... Posted by Hello

Manuel and i  Posted by Hello