Thursday, September 27, 2007

away from ....

Away from the party,
away from the music,
away from the crowd,
it's where i found You,
You are right here,
You never left,
except to look for me.

This world and its desires,
try to lure me away from you,
but Your love and truth pulls me in,
no matter what Kanye says,
i'm only stronger in You,
no matter what 50 says,
there's no club compare to Your dwellings,
i want to be grateful like LeCrae,
like the Rejects who hopes for light over darkness
this will end tonight,
my reliance on myself and my feelings,
whether it's moving along with the crowd,
or dreaming with a broken heart,
they all have to go because i'm new in You,
and there's hope and freedom in You,
and You stretch out your arms and pull me back,
and You've paved the way,
You are the way.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


i need an awakening,
to the reality around me,
to the wounds around me.

i need an awakening,
to the people around me,
to the struggles in me.

i need an awakening,
from the mundaneness of life,
from the selfishness of my own flesh.

i need an awakening,
to the fullness of Your kingdom,
to the glory of Your throne.

i need an awakening,
to the forgiveness of Your grace,
to the mercy of Your love.

i need an awakening,
to wake up from this slumber,
to wake up from this misery.

i need an awakening,
to live for Christ,
to live to the fullest as it should.

i need an awakening,
because i'm alive,
i'm alive!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


the weather started to cool down today,
somewhere in the middle of Texas,
where the haziness transform a country town into an eclectic square,
i'm stuck in the land of have vs have-not,
i want to be content at life,
giving thanks every opportunity i get,
but i found myself frustrated - mad at circumstances of life,
wondering why it wasn't like couple ideals that i thought of,
maybe the mellow-ness had gotten to me,
maybe i just need to snap out of the funk ...

knowing who i am in Christ,
knowing who i should be,
and knowing that someone actually cares ...

sometimes i just feel helpless,
with the situations i faced,
though they are not mountains,
they are more like hills,
but still they required faith,
to overcome ...

here comes the season of fall,
where leaves will turn red,
and hearts filled with warmth,
anticipating the works of His hand,
i should get up,
and walk on.