Sunday, April 24, 2005

Rushing touchdown - no good.

last few days in college station was great ...
but i've been rushing thru time to get most of the stuff accomplish ... add that with jet-lag
and tired-ness and time change ... i've try and try and try to get most of my stuff done.
With that and my absent-minded personality and some laziness and ... i've managed my time badly, managed my stuff badly ... i left a few important stuff in texas .. 1st of all my phone charger .. great! now i gotta wisely conserve my cell-phone power .. i also left the gift my sister gave me there .. ah (i felt SO BAD) since i like the shirt that she bought it for me .. then i left the gift i asked my sis to buy for andrea in dallas .. hmm .. well .. that .. so i was pretty frustrated today .. and homesick too at the same time .. anyways ..
that's why i was mad at myself.
go figure.

so, i've again trying to learn the lesson of PATIENCE , CARE and SENSITIVITY ... meaning
be patient at the stuff i am trying to accomplish with the given time, while carefully accomplishing those task and be sensitive with the people's feelings and relationships around me.
hm. NOT EASY..i guess i gotta fixed that absent-minded attitude of mine,
or like my buddies used to said ... one day i'll lost my kid in the grocery store and will not realize it until my wife inquired me ... LOL .. that is NOT going to happen ... well ... not soon obviously ..

~ daniel

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Deep in the heart of Texas

oh what a plane ride back to Texas ...
this trip back to Texas started with the storm in Denver,CO that delayed the landing of my plane
from Portland at DIA ... so i was stucked on the plane for about 10 hrs before touching down in DFW ...
now i am back to aggieland .. :o)
ah .. all the good memories !

~ daniel

Sunday, April 17, 2005

20 pt. 11.9

21 years of life,
finally i've crossed from teenage to adulthood,
i know there's no clear defined line for that,
because i can be old and yet immature,
one thing i wish for,
it's to capture the essence of life,
and live life to the fullest.
my pastor preached a great sermon today,
about the reconciliation of men and God,
about the presentation of the bride of Christ,
somehow it hit me hard,
we are reconciled,
we are not enstranged anymore!
in the dawn of another new "year",
to live a reconciliated life,
is what i longed and wished for.
3 more hours.
there are more reflections to come.


one more picture ! Posted by Hello

Tulips (yellowish ...) Posted by Hello

WoodBurn's Tulip Festival  Posted by Hello

Down to Salem

another amazing saturday ...
i actually do love my weekends ... it's great to be out to check out other places around Portland.
Today, i went down to Salem with Krystal, a friend from texas who had just moved up to Portland too. Salem, the capital of Oregon, gave the feel of historical town with some trendy stores, so that was great. i had some HOT Bubble Tea, that was good especially it was cold outside (around 50s degrees ..) we also visited the river-front with one of those hand-made mary-go-round horses, very unique. Obviously we visited the capital building, it was closed today, but we get to see the outside of it , it's made outta marble, interesting huh. we ended up going to Woodburn to visit the Tulip festival, i love tulips! especially when there's a sea of them .. i shall post some pictures up

take care y'all.
going to a baseball game tomorrow .. that would be fun !

~ daniel

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Rock Step , Step , Step , Five , Six ...

Rock step, step, step , Five, six ...
Rock step, step five , step six ...
those are the sequence of the steps of swing dancing,
i love dancing, honestly,
it kinda brings me outta my bubble,
helps me to interact with people,
and takes away the introverted side of us ...
of course i am not the greatest dancer of all,
5 moves are pretty much what i knew,
spin to the right, spin to the left, tummy pass, shoulder pass and the parfait ...
oh, i've finally learned how to tuck turn a partner .. that was fun ...
dance required a guy to lead and a lady to follow,
hard as it seems, it is pretty fun ...
so there goes something for swing dancing ... :-)


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Public Market in Seattle ... i found it ! Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

coffee shop

i walked into that 24 hr coffee shop down by the street,
where people are chatting away,
drinking it away.
i walked into the bookstore looking for something good,
digging into the books like treasure,
yet never finding the one i want.
There's that one on politics,
another about the Presidents,
some about the faith and different walks of life.
i walked thru the busy hallways full of people,
talking about life or praying away,
i wanna a cup of coffee,
yet don't wanna sacrafice the night of sleep,
i walked away from the coffee shop,
gaining nothing except another experience,
another experience with people in different walks,
still they are drinking it away at the coffee shop.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Aint it Funny

welcome again to my saturday...
i stayed up late last nite watching movie (i watched "HERO") til late,
then i went to bed .. my cell phone alarm and alarm woke me up early around 8 am,
i signed up to go visit Silver Falls with the chinese bible study last week,
but then i didn't feel like going anymore .. well MLS season kicks off today, DC will play Chivas USA, good match right .. i was thinking... let's stay home and watch soccer ..or something like that .. unless my buddy Jack wanna to .. as soon as i thought about that .. Jack called and said he wanna go ... so .. .. .. i woke up and get outta the house and went to the church and met up with the group. I am so glad i went today, so glad that he called, because the soccer broadcast will get cancel because of the reporting of the passing of the Pope .. and i will be bored the rest of the day ..
i had a great time in Silver Falls and the Tulip festival, aint it funny that i thought it might be boring ... it was actually quite interesting .. i took a lot of pics, i'll post them up later ... then i got to meet the chinese director of my church and found out that she actually knew people from college station what a small world (she used to go to the GCM church in Columbus ..)..
and at night .. i was going to hang out with Robert and the gang , ended up the chinese director knew a kid who needs friends .. so i ended up bringing him to the party with me :o) .. that was really need hanging out with him .. and he fit in well with my friends in portland .. praise God ..
so .. now i am here typing this ...
aint it funny that i thought of getting out of the Silver Falls trip this morning,
and all my other plans might have fell thru ...
it would've been such a BORING and UN-PRODUCTIVE day ..
ahhh ..
when can we stop planning the day according to our own selfish desires ?
well ..
back to the MLS
Chivas USA lost to DC .. i watched the highlights on
FC Dallas won .. which was good ...
spring forward tonite.
g'nite y'all.