Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello again, from Fort Worth

Howdy again from Cowtown,
I guess I haven't written in a long long time. For more frequent updates maybe my Twitter feed might be a better place. Anyways, I've gone through a couple of changes in life lately, I went from entering into a serious relationship (and moving for it), to a period of engagement, and now I'm married to the love of my life.
I guess time does really flies, but I am really glad to be in the season of life that I'm in right now. I know there are different seasons of lives, and they are good (yes trust me).

Just a quick recap that the wedding was a lot of fun, both the ceremony and the reception went very well. The dancing was fun too !! The honeymoon was a very relaxing time, we get to hit up the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and saw some Mayan ruins along with some beautiful beaches. We actually get to go where (one of the beaches) they filmed one of the Corona commercials near Cozumel, that was a nice beach.

Anyways, since the honeymoon, life is still fun :) We're trying to adjust our lives to the slower pace of the "normal" life, but again, who defines that ... hehe ... we're still having fun, enjoying each other.

I think one thing that I really enjoyed doing with my wife is praying together, especially for the current events and/or other countries. I remember being on our honeymoon and watching the news during our down time, and both of us praying together for Egypt, that was pretty powerful !!!

Anyways, so far it's been good :)

Until next post ... (check my twitter for more freq and shorter updates ...)