Monday, February 28, 2005

rainy night

finally, the rain returns.
i spent most of the night at home, i love rainy nights especially when i am at home
sitting on the couch reading or journaling and have some music on.
i came across this passage today, i would say, the entire book of Malachi,
i haven't read that book much, i mean does anyone else read that book (it's the book
right before the book of Matthew, the last book of the Old Testament ...) if you haven't even seen that portion of Bible before, i suggested you take a look at it ..
it's a warning from the Lord to the Israelites, while the Israelites ask God back .." did we really do that ?" ... many times we did asked some questions like that, knowing the answer is yes, and yet at the same time we tried to cover that up by some other stuff that we did that might look nice outwardly ... here are a few verses that really struck me ..

Malachi 1:6 "A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If I am a father, where is the honor due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me?" says the LORD Almighty. "It is you, O priests, who show contempt for my name.

did we give God His respect, many times we've tried NOT to break the civil law, or even moral laws, but how much respect did we give to God?

let's worship Him.

that's all i have to say.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

OHSU ... Oregon Health Science University ... this pic is for you Esther !! Posted by Hello

Horsetail Falls , another water fall around Portland Posted by Hello

Wassup this is dannymac reporting from Portland,Oregon :-) Posted by Hello

Multnomah Falls .. one of the cool water falls around Portland area ..  Posted by Hello

Jack and I at one of the bridge by river .. Posted by Hello

the same guy ... Posted by Hello

Pioneer Place .. that guys look like a statue .. but if you give him some money, he'll shake your hand Posted by Hello

Portland's Chinatown entrance .. Ooops i also took that Adult bookstore sign .... :-(  Posted by Hello

Portland's Chinatown district Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Spring Break in Portland

so my buddies are coming up to Portland during Spring Break,
that would be way fun , how fun? way fun !

well ...
i am giving my testimony at The Flavor tomorrow night :o)
pls pray for me ..

take care y'all !


Monday, February 21, 2005


it's been a while since i last posted stuff on my blog (last monday),
many thing had been happening,
my life's been really eventful for the last few days.
i had a good time hanging out and getting to know my new buddies
here in Oregon, Adam,Chris,Robert,Dallas,Natelie,Hillary,Renjy and Alisa are all
really really really really awesome folks (for those who are coming up here .. i think you'll get to meet them ... ) anyways .. Saturday i went downtown with the Johnsons (Andrea and Stacy), they are both really neat people that used to live in East Asia with their missionary parents and thus made them really cool people to hang out with .. Sunday i hung out with my other new found buddy Jack, also from Taiwan. it's fun hanging out with him and listening to him pouring out his heart / head to me ... it's great to get to know another guy , he's really amazed by the love of Christ and the love from Christians .. and i think that's a great thing ...
and of course today .. Adam called me up and asked me if i wanna go to the bonfire get together at Alisa's parent's farm .. it was FUN .. we had hot dogs , smores .. and country music , boy i missed TEXAS .. lol .. anyways it's always good to be out in the country .. though i do love the city too ... ahh .. it had been a different life up here ..
love y'all.

i'll post some pics once i get them processed... (the old fashion way....)


Monday, February 14, 2005

This is Downtown Hillsboro .. closed to where i work .. Posted by Hello

remember the MOLE in High School? There's a store of it in Oregon ! Posted by Hello

I love Portland Posted by Hello

here's another shot of Portland City Center Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

ragamuffin prayer

Dear Jesus , gift us to stop grandstanding and trying to get attention,
to do the TRUTH quietly without display, to let the dishonesties in our lives
fade away, to accept our limitations,to cling to gospel of grace, and to delight in
Your love, Amen. ( Ragamuffin Gospel, p.139 , by Brennan Manning)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Down in the hood

i won't say Portland Downtown is ghetto, it's not actually,
well they even tried NOT to call it downtown, they called it
the City Center , just like most Asian countries called their downtown
i bet the Europeans do the same thing too , so i guess they tried to
distinguish themselves from the rest of the cities in America.
Anyways, i went downtown last night , more specifically the campus of
Portland State University and hang out at the International Coffee House,
it's like an outreach thing for the international student/visitors/professionals
to go, so i went (i met a guy named Jack who brought me there, and he's from Taiwan , and his friend Yvonne went with us too) It was fun, they were talking about the meaning of Love , ah how timely that is , so i got two doses of love "messages" in two days , that's not that bad. i got to meet some really cool people from all over the world, from United States to France , Malaysia to Central Asia to Russia and of course Japan, there's a lot of Japanese last night , i love how they dressed , very hip i would say . Anyways, after the Coffee House we went to Burnside Bridge, such a nice bridge i would say, i love the skyline of Portland , especially when you are by the Willamatte river , with those neon lights and tall skyscraper , i absolutely love it !
Anyways, i'll definitely go back to that International Coffee House to make some friends , i guess it's always fun to meet new people , and their staff is constantly reaching out to the students and share the Gospel to them one way or the other.
So, that is really cool. Next week, they are having Japan night , which means Sushi , Sake , etc. i think i'll be there !
So, i love Portland City Center ,
it still gave me the feeling of late 1800 / early 1900 feel (which i LOVE ) and
bunch of coffee shops ...
well that's my blog for the moment.

ahh .. i woke up to the music of Newsboys ( Not Ashamed ) and Destiny's Child (Soldier) .. that's what i need to be.

peace out y'all.


Friday, February 11, 2005

dot Net or NOT ?

~ technical entry ~
dot net framework is some great stuff,
yeah i bet you've read so much about it now,
or you've used stuff that is based on the dot net framework,
so i learned how to program in asp dot net this week,
that was cool ... and now i am learning asp 3.0
the dad of ... it's not as nice as asp dot net
it's a little more confusing ...... yeah
so for those of y'all who wanna learn to program computer ...
try visual basic dot net .. it's pretty neat ...
for those who LOVE object oriented stuff .. go learn C Sharp
i bet i would love C Sharp since its syntax is SO SIMILAR to good old Java ...
~ technical entry ~

ok .. enough of those tech talk that probably no one will read ..
so .. at The Flavor last night,
Dallas talked about relearn love ...
what does that mean .. relearn love?
when are we outta love ? when are we in love?
it's an essential part of our life to relearn love,
relearn to trust ..
because love empowers a person,
so .. relearn love .. relearn the love of Christ ,
relearn to love Christ ..
btw , check out the song relearn love by Scott Sapp (formerly Creeeed)

i'll write more later about the subject of love.

Love is in the house
and the house is pack ! (tobymac ~ love is in the house)

~ daniel

if you know someone in West Side Portland ...
encourage them to go to the FLAVOR !

love y'all.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Be my valentine ...

will ya?


i am dining alone on valentine's day ...
unless a miracle happens ...

actually dining alone is better than no food at all .. haha

i am in such goofy mood.

blah blah .....

i was looking at flowers on ...
haha they are highly priced i'll say ..
i guess i'll just grab some roses at some vendor downtown..
they seem to have some fresh flowers ..
don't you think so?

blah blah .....

i guess with all the skills that i've acquired,
i can make someone a valentine's computer program ...


Check his music out too ....

Sunday, February 06, 2005

South Bound Bus

i hop on the south bound bus,
to the destination where almost everyone else is going,
they called us the race without cars,
we are the latinos , caucasians , africans and asians,
we are the singles , married , males and females,
over there was that lady with 3 little kids,
and there was that guy with the bike,
or the latino guy who is trying to earn a living for his family,
so welcome to America,
this is something that i haven't seen before,
it has opened my eyes,
like we are all moving towards the same destinations,
the destination would be to live life ,
some just barely make it for the day,
some felt what they have is not enough,
some just looking for more stuff to fill the void in their hearts,
so we reached our destination,
and we get down from the bus,
in the matter of seconds ,
we were dispersed into the crowd,
and lost in the sea of advertisement .......


Saturday, February 05, 2005

million dollar baby

so i am blasting switchfoot thru my roomate's surround sound system in the living room, and me sitting on the couch typing this blog ....
i just went and saw Million Dollar Baby with Andrea and her aunt, i was kinda dissappointed at the ending , which is a pretty surprising ending , i didn't think it would happened that way, anyways, another thought provoking movie, what have you done with your life, what have i done with my life, have we ever gone out and fight, fight for our dreams, yet once we get to the top, or on the way to the top we get the blow, the blow from someone else, from circumstances ... the blow from the most unexpected person ... climbing the ladder of dreams are not easy, you know it , i know it ... is it so much about fame or is it for the game?
i don't know ... sometimes we are just stuck in this cycle ... stand , climb and fall like the song by Lifehouse , once you get to the top, so what? a few things to brag about , but that's about it .. ain't it funny? haha .. remember this rap by Kanye West ..
" It seems we living the american dream

But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem
The prettiest people do the ugliest things"
is it all?
the American dream ...
i see people working at that everyday,
i found myself at that sometimes,
what exactly is that?
own a house? own a car? marry your college sweet heart?
computer engineer? be the next Donald Trump? or Bill Gates ...
or is that our dream to be the next Billy Graham?
the next Jim Elliot ..
i don't know what dream do you have,
i am still struggling with my own,
i am a software engineer ...
is that all?
i know there's more to life than this,
but when and how,
which way should we go,
just like DMB singing .. "Where are we going .... i have no answer for you"
there's life in Christ,
i agree .....
and what will Christ wants us to fight for ....
what is that dream ..
what is that fight ...
do we really find that out

or do we just pretend we know
and think we are at the top of that game too ..
and are we waiting for a blow to bring us down too?
i guess i am just tired of it all ..
like Maggie in the Million Dollar Baby,
she saw the world,
she saw the fame,
she got the fame,
she's winning the game,
then it came the blow,
she can never make it up again,
and she asks for death ..
are we to that point yet,
to the point of asking the death to ourselves
have we seen the world and say it's just vanity,
and live for something else,
something bigger,
and that would be God.

still i'm singing Spirit ,
take me in your arms with you ...
O... i am a second man now
and You are raising the dead in me

24 - Switchfoot,