Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunrise , Sonrise

so i woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm clock,
i think today is going to be different,
i wanted to be more discipline in my life.
there are a lot of things to get done this couple of days,
will school in full swing and college ministry season starting,
ah -- welcome back to life.
though i am still waiting for news about my job as a peer teacher - which i really need it this semester - i guess eagerly i waited and waited and waited - and will continue to wait til the department calls me -
so, here i can again this semester - it's the last of my undergrad career - i wanted to make
it enjoyable yet interesting yet fruitful - i think all my classes has some kind of projects (and that's good) - and - i'll be working on a research subject with my AI prof - that would be really interesting !!

anyways - college ministry season - it's good - i think -
even though my group is kind of small, but i guess there's nothing
to be discouraged about - we've got a lot of people signed up saying they are
interested in checking us out - so i guess that's a plus ..

oh- i might go up to austin for a rally to end the genocide in Sudan - you should come too -
ya know - as Christians - and as humans - we should care about the welfare of others, even though they are like 10000s miles away - so - 1 pm on Saturday at the Capitol in Austion -

well - that's all i'm sayin.

peace out.
and um'

til then