Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shadow proves there's sunshine

i love Switchfoot - their songs prove to be inspiring - the Nothing is Sound LP might seemed darker and rock harder than their other CDs, but i love it, i love the reality of it.
I've just read thru a book by Billy Graham on his last crusade in the NYC, i like how he is so relevant to our generation although he's pretty old, i love the examples that he drew from different sources, from MTV to BillBoard to Madonna, yet he stayed true to the message of Christ, reminding people the Gospel in the midst of this dark world. I didn't know that one of the most requested song / popular song is "Satisfaction" , "i can't get no satisfaction" is what they sang, and yet that is so true, i can't get no satisfaction, at my job , at my school, or my relationships with others. Sometimes i feel empty, just because my circumstances is down, or when i am very insecure - thinking what would other people think of me, or what would the next girl that i meet will have the first impression about me - sometimes i don't really care, i can be straight to your face and let you know the truth and be myself -

sometimes when i am down i just turned up my speakers and blasted away in my car with Avril jammin' out loud that makes the situation even worse - sometimes i can jammed with Andy Hunter's Techno music to just get me into my mood -
i guess i relied on outside influences too much sometimes - always hoping that the right song will come on the radio that kicks me into certain mode - like "Jesus takes the wheel" by Carrie Underwood or "Jesus walks" by Kanye or "Breakaway" by Kelly that lauches me into working coding mode - seems like i know there's one constant point in my life - which is Christ, yet sometimes i rely so little on it - i was so frustrated yesterday that i called my buddy up - and trust me i was emotional and crazy - he asked me to calm down - go pray - then call - don't just call him next time if i am in the drama king mode - haha - there's quite a bit of truth in that - i know the importance of community and accountability as Christians - yet another important thing - solitude with Christ and going to Him because He's the constant point of our lives is important too - that strikes accord in my heart again.

anyways - all those ramblings - just to make one point -
"spend time with Christ - go to Him in prayer and listen to Him"
that's the point.


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