Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sunshine and Rain

i love the rain - because it cleanses the city - and the atmosphere feels cooler and fresher after a pouring rain. i love walking in the rain and sang "Grace like rain" by Todd Agnew - to remind myself of the grace of God and we've been washed clean !

anyways - i've been in Taiwan for more than 2 weeks now - it's still a - um - crazy experience - at times i was really boring because i lived with my parents at the 14th and 15th floor of a condo-plex - or because i haven't attempt to drive yet - i do walk and take the bus - lol -
anyways - i got a chance to share at the youth service last weekend - i talked about Christ being our friend - see John 15:15 - Christ called us friends - not slaves, but friends because He's telling us stuff that He heard from His father - what a priviledge to know Christ as a friend - and that's eternal life - John 17:3 -

so - one thing i've realize while i am here - is the prayer of the believers for their country - i don't know how much we pray for our country in the US - we prayed for our own needs, maybe the needs of our church, or the needs of our bible study and such - but do we pray for our country - i am amazed - although the population of Christian in Taiwan is not as huge as the ones in North American, but their fervency and their passion is as huge as or even bigger Christians in places that are more Christianized - anyways - so - while we in the US (okay i am not for the moment -- ) need to pray for the revival and renewal in our country as well - prayer is important - the harvest is here , the kingdom is near.

i've made some new friends here - through the Christian Fellowship on the college campus that my parents teach at. A guy named Phil that is absolutely on fire for God - he leads the worship that we have in the middle of the campus, although we only have 5-6 people to start with, students do stop by and listen and sing with us from time to time, that is amazing - and Phil, is awesome, he loves hip hop and rap just like me - except he was like - man, hip hop in US is so messed up, because they used some much cussed word .. then i introduced him to KJ52 and such - haha - it's kinda hard to explain gospel rap, but oh well ..

well - there ya go ... my post for the week ..
i'll put some pics up soon - and i'll be travelling to s'pore and m'sia next week to meet
up with my counsins and go back to my hometown for a couple of days,
oh yeah ..
Sweet Home Alabama!
(ok - not exactly Bama, but feels like that - like the movie - going home - back to the roots ..)

please cont. to pray for me :o)

thanks, God bless.


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