Monday, February 05, 2007

goodness and mercy

seems like forever since i last posted something on this blog, or any kind of blog for that matter -
finally - here's some updates if you are interested =)

finally graduated from texas a&m university with my Comp. Engr Degree - it was definitely an awesome 4 and 1/2 years at a&m - all the good times working late in the lab or homeworks at Zachary - and not to mention all the friends that i've met just thru that - anyways -

and yet ....

i'm back again as a grad student -- hehe -- in the Computer Science department --
so far the experience had been challenging since most undergrad classes doesn't require
intensive readings (but massive - homeworks and projects , which were FUN) - the adjustment has continue to be challenging ...

on a personal note - finally asked a girl to go out with me ... hehe ... being in a relationship is definitely an awesome experience - not to take anything away from singleness - which is also amazing as well -

so - yep - that's just some updates bout my life -
God is amazing - He continues to provides as well (at times that i am least expecting ....) =)
what can we say to describe Him ?

peace out.


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