Thursday, September 27, 2007

away from ....

Away from the party,
away from the music,
away from the crowd,
it's where i found You,
You are right here,
You never left,
except to look for me.

This world and its desires,
try to lure me away from you,
but Your love and truth pulls me in,
no matter what Kanye says,
i'm only stronger in You,
no matter what 50 says,
there's no club compare to Your dwellings,
i want to be grateful like LeCrae,
like the Rejects who hopes for light over darkness
this will end tonight,
my reliance on myself and my feelings,
whether it's moving along with the crowd,
or dreaming with a broken heart,
they all have to go because i'm new in You,
and there's hope and freedom in You,
and You stretch out your arms and pull me back,
and You've paved the way,
You are the way.

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