Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spring Outlook

i guess i haven't really written for a while, life's been pretty good - praise God !
i spend my Christmas/Winter break with my family in Taiwan, it was good. It was amazing to see the things that God is doing in Taiwan - and - the fervency of the believers that - it's really encouraging - i think there's much for us (US believers) to learn from them - i saw miracles - heard stories on miracles - and just the wonderful workings of God in that country - where the gospel is desperately needed ...

and ... again i've started my Spring semester back in Aggieland -
life's pretty good - i'm trying to get into a routine - i guess - of being discipline to work, and study and rest, then ponder about life and reflect on God's word as much as i can ...
i've been into designing user interfaces lately - both with my research and work - it's frustrating sometimes because it's not as easy as it seemed when there are multiple objects and attributes on the screen - but i do have fun playing with multiple programming languages ranging from c# to c++ to javascript .... yes .... javascript .... i should have something fun soon.

and ... my bible study group / homegroup had been awesome - it's amazing when God draws people to Himself.

and ... got a new pair of Starbury Street Shoes .... yeah go figure because Stephon Marbury is not that great of a NBA player right now ....

that's all for now .... i'll post some pics and possible some poetry.... hopefully ... soon.


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Francisco said...

yay! time was already up for an update!