Saturday, March 15, 2008

hmm... Spring Break ; Mid-semester update

not sure if anyone is still reading this ...
but whatever - ah .. mid-semester already .. and Spring break has pretty much came and gone.
it was indeed a good spring break, spent the earlier part of it up in the DFW area hanging out with some friends - well i picked up playing piano/keys again ... i played with my sis, Ian and few other people up in Irving for my friend Michelle and Waldo's church ... really indeed enjoy playing keys and worshippin' the Lord :o) - maybe i should do that more ...

and i got to read 2 books as well ... yay ! - a book comparing the life and views of Freud and C.S Lewis - very interesting indeed ... just to see how Lewis's life changes after he encountered Jesus Christ as his saviour and knowing his Creator - and it's also sad to see Freud struggling to find answers to the questions he had :-( - but one thing for sure - Lewis's life is a good testimony of how God changes lives as well as touches lives ! I also get to read through the book on Back To Jerusalem's vision - the vision of Churches in China to bring the Gospel back to the Middle East going through the last frontier of middle asia ! It's amazing to see all the believers that surrender their lives to Christ - ranging from Lewis to the people in Back to Jerusalem movement - i want my life to be touched as well !

i think one thing though ... i was reminded that the best combat against apathy , is the Gospel of Jesus Christ =) Social Activism without Christ will eventually leads to apathy ... as well as many other things ..

ahh yes ... there was a big shake up in Malaysian govt last week (ok ... i am Malaysian) and that was interesting ! Hopefully the Opposition Front in Malaysia can bring some change !

anyways - Spring Break is (almost) over - back to real life !


and yes i do enjoying taking a walk in the park during early evening - it's really relaxing and refreshing.

God bless.

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Francisco said...

"Social Activism without Christ will eventually leads to apathy ... as well as many other things"

Amen to that bro!