Monday, April 21, 2008

Thoughts on being 24

here's a bit of a delay update on my thoughts of being 24 ... (in bullet forms) - it had been kinda crazy last couple of days that i didn't really have time to think about this ... here are some reflections for the past years :
  • praise God for my homegroup (aka Church/Christ centered community) - it had definitely been a awesome year
  • praise God for my graduate studies at Texas A&M - at times it had been hard (and it's still is) but i've learned to enjoy it more and more =)
  • praise God for an awesome family ! (cross-continent and pacific ocean!)
  • praise God for opportunities to serve in my local community !
  • praise God for providing for my needs
  • praise God for awesome roommates
  • praise God for awesome friends (you know who you are !)
i guess there are some stuff that i would like to accomplish before i turned 25 (woah!)
here's some of it (maybe all of it)
  • see my friends come to know Christ (this is specific .... )
  • donate blood
  • get the Dimension of the Faith certificate from Gordon-Conwell Seminary
  • finish graduate school !
  • publish a paper in academia
  • go to a Switchfoot or Jon Foreman concert!
that's all for now i guess .... :-P

here are some pics from my party in case you are wondering ....

yep - gathering around the karaoke machine!

jon, me and bill.

the awesome cake (from my sis esther) and i ...

i got this gift from my sis ... and it's awesome !

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Francisco said...

Happy belated birthday Daniel! Sorry I couldn't remember the date -I guess that would make me an ok friend? I pray God's blessings upon you.