Thursday, October 02, 2008

I guess it's about time for an update ...

signs and directions ?

i guess it's about time for an update... 
so i've been writing quite a bit last couple of days hoping to wrap up my Master's thesis soon ...
and i do defend next week =) that should be exciting !

other than that ... i've been keeping tabs on what's going on with the news ... and i promise to write a post on government from the point of view of Psalms from the Bible ... i think there are lots of concepts from the scripture that we overlooked these days even when it comes to wise governing of the people ... i think many times we've use free-market economy as an excuse of not so wise governing .. anyways ... that's just some thoughts on that ... 

umm .. besides that i've also interview with a couple of companies for a job after grad school - i think that's probably one of the tough decision that i'll have to make and going through right now. Though i know that God will provide ... and i firmly believe that ... the problem i think i'm going through is am i willing to do anything God asked me to ~ 

well ... hopefully things will be clearer soon.

here are just some pics of the past month :-P .. enjoy!

(top row was from the A&M vs. Miami Football game !)
(2nd row was from Mark and Macie's Wedding !)



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