Wednesday, November 05, 2008

hmm ... new world order ? some reflections can do much good ...

so ... not much drama on this election cycle ... no hanging chads ... etc ... but still a hard fought election ... now we have President-elect Obama ... here are some good thoughts/articles to read on

here you go ... as far as my own opinion?
i gotta think / reflect upon it.

so ... new world order? well ... nothing is new under the sun anyways, so .. not really.

peace out.

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Michael said...


I wrote the article at the Undivided singles ministry of Sovereign Grace Church site. I was asked to take the article down because it was on an official church website and some parts of the article encouraged political activism. Would you be interested in posting the article on your site? If so, just get in touch with me through the Contact Us page on the Undivided website. I know you can still get to the article through your link, but you can no longer find it through my website navigation. To honor my pastors, I would like to take the article off completely in the next few days.