Monday, January 12, 2009

Updates from the land of my heart ....

i guess the title sounds a bit cheesy, but oh well .... here's a long long list of updates for a long long while ...

first up, my job situation, for all my concerned friends ...
since the last posts (about interviews and such), i am still waiting for a job,
i have started working as a substitute in the mean time and experience life in a different way.
Through this process God has though me much about humility, patience, waiting on Him, and trusting Him (even when dealing with self-esteem).
I admit that the process is frustrating because pride usually gets in the way, but i'm learning to let it go. So, please continue to pray for my job situation, that i'll land in a work place that i can usher in God's kingdom =)

meanwhile ....
i've started my job (temporarily ...) as a substitute teacher for the local school districts and i've so far subbed for classes such as 4th grade math, life skills and high school algebra ... with more classes such as intermediate art coming up in the horizon. Through my subbing experience, i've gained new insights into life, on how beautiful it is and much much more respect for my friends that are teaching (or becoming teachers :-P or working with kids ...).

on the other hand,
i've also been thinking quite a bit about prayers after re-reading parts of Red Moon Rising and the 24/7 prayer movement. One idea that came up is combining prayers and sports. Basically, speaking as a sport fan, we (i) are very passionate about our teams, and that in many countries and cities these teams actually controls the mood or even economy of the country/cities. Many of us (including myself) learns about another city or country through their sports teams (for example, i've never been to England but i know much about Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham through their soccer team), likewise with other places in Europe and South America. So, one idea is to come out (or collaborate with others online) to create a prayer guides for cities and countries by the way of their sports teams ....
here's an example :
Manchester, UK which houses both Manchester United and Manchester City Football team, where MU is one of the popular team is the world, is one of the secondary metro in the UK after London. The spiritual condition in Manchester is ..... [fill in the blank] and the prayer need is ..... [fill in the blank].

anyways, those posts hopefully should be coming soon and if you would like to contribute on a city/sport teams (and any sports would work) .... that'll be great :-)

and ....

God has also put on my heart this past week to pray for the situation in Gaza/Israel,
please pray that peace will come through Jesus Christ in the Middle East,
and that reconciliation will happen through Christ as well.

that's about that for now ... and i got a new layout too !

be blessed in Christ.

peace out.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you my friend!

Enjoy the ride!