Saturday, March 28, 2009

South America on deck ....

This post has been sitting in my edit mode folder for a couple of weeks now ... it's not finally done 

I've been thinking about South America lately, you know Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, countries that we don't really talk about unless it's something related to soccer/football events such as World Cup or Copa America or their football stars such a Kaka and Messi. Also, other things aside from football comes to mind, specifically the politics and the green economy of Brazil. Time magazine had an article up a couple days ago regarding how Brazil might not be affected by the economic down turn at all see this article , also about their left-leaning governments , also from Time. 

on the other hand .... 
Hillsong United has been rocking out in South America
(i've seen a few of them from the I heart Revolution DVD,
 and i was practically ballin' at the end of it ....
here's just a clip of "From the Inside Out" in Spanish ... 
Just an observation on the crowd, they had been very enthusiastic, i'm not trying to make any generalization statements about the continents just from the video itself, but it seems like the younger generation in South America (maybe just like the rising generation in Europe, see Red Moon Rising) is rising and hoping for truth, and tend to be edgier on the outside, but regardless need the hope and love in Christ. I don't have much statistics for South America, here's one from Wikipedia on Brazil (, and another article from Reuters ( 
(i know these sources are from MSM ... let me know if you have more info to supplement that!)

anyways ... that's just something has been on my heart lately ... to pray for South America!
so, next time when you watch Copa America, or heard of the latest news on Messi, pray for their countries, pray for truth about Jesus Christ to be preached, for the church to reach out, and for healing and reconciliation !

peace out .. =P

til next time,

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