Thursday, May 20, 2004

NBA playoffs

the Conference Finals IS ALMOST here,
for tonight's game .. FYI Pistons vs Nets ,
i'll love to see Pistons win.

Here are my predictions and reasons behind them,
Western Conf.

Timberwolves VS Lakers ...
interesting .. OLD Minnesota Team vs NEW Minnesota Team ...
( Lakers was Minnesota Lakers before moving to LA ) , will be an interesting series, if the LA Lakers is able to KEEEP up with their energy level and if LA Lakers "non-star" players can hit some spectacular baskets .. then i'll say LA in 6 .. on the other hand if LA plays like they played against SA .. they will likely to lose .. and if Cassell steps up BIG time ( he is already ) and KG in his MVP form, Minnesota should win in 6 ...
otherwise .. still ... Minnesota in 7

Eastern Conf.

Easy .
Pacers in 6 ... no doubt ...
because they have better players ( ie. Ron Artest, J. O'neal .. and a good coach .. (who Pistons fired last season) .. )
Let's give Reggie one more shot.

NBA Finals ?
Timberwolves in 6.

we'll see what happen tonite,
and i might change my prediction.


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