Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sports update

this weekend was full of sports events,
1st of all English FA Cup,

Man. Utd defeated Millwall in the final ,
great but .. umm ... Millwall is a Div. one team
and Man U is a Prem. team .. but it's kinda expected for Man Utd to win , no big suprises ..

NBA Conf. Finals,
Wolves over Lakers --> It's about time, but now Lakers has the home court advantage ,
Pacers over Pistons --> great game for Reggie Miller, let's keep it rollin'.

College Baseball,
Texas A&M over Texas ( A&M won the series 2-1 ),
good series for the Aggies,
good game for the Longhorns who clinched the Big 12 Title
by beating the Ags on saturday night,
both of them are moving onto NCAA tourney play and Big 12 Tourney .. so we might see them play again.

Texas over Yankess, (Texas won the series 2-1)
Yankess avoided a sweep on sunday,
but A-Rod homecomin was .... not GOOD .... not good at all,
though he had some great hits , incl. the homerun on friday nite, but Rangers was the team that pull it off ...

yea.. that's about it.

what's comin' up ?
-- NBA Conf. Preview.
-- MLS analysis ..
-- MLB stuff ..
-- UEFA Champion's League Final.

bye . for now.
check back for more sports,
check back for more stuff about GOD .. and relevant life.


p/s i should post some technical stuff too .

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