Tuesday, July 20, 2004

my trip back to h-town

i haven't been back to h-town lately,
because i am kinda busy , and because most of the people
i know had gone to college somewhere else and most of my closer friends
are in college station ..
anyways .. i took a trip down to houston today (well .. i was takin' my sister to her
conference in Uptown Houston) .. anyways i brought my friend Aaron with me ..
we went all the way down to Clear Lake .. which is a suburb of Houston ..
ate at the McDonald's that i worked at during my High school years .. ( well .. they had long changed their management personnel .. and workers  .. , but it still brought back some neat memories .. ) well , i don't have a family in Clear Lake anymore .. but everytime i go there, i still felt like i was home .. anyways ..
later we went to Kemah Broadwalk .. seems like i always bring my friends there whenever we visited Clear Lake .. then to the Galleria .. a HUGE mall with some neat Stores .. like to Sony Gadgets Store and Apple Computer Store (Genius Corner) .. ... and oh .. we fought thru the Houston traffic too .. that was fun .. LOL ..
well ..
have a good one.
i enjoyed my trip to Houston ..
and i am plannin' another trip to somewhere on this earth ..
to get away from here ..

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