Sunday, July 18, 2004


speechless ...
i haven't really have time to update this blog,
life's been kinda busy , lol.
gotta re-arrange my room,
got any ideas?


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Corissa said...

can you paint your walls?
i know it's a hassle,...but its easy and fun..not to mention adds so much flavor to your room.
you can get "opps paint" at home depot (rejected paint..that people cant finish)
you can invite home-groupers over to help you.

pick a theme and stick with it..
but a few cheap posters/prints that you adore.

put pictures on some kind of bulliten board?
check out a goodwill or thrift store for interesting knick-nacks.
Kinsey bought her guy friend a neat map-lamp shade once when i went shopping with would like something like that.

good luck!