Monday, May 16, 2005

Step back to reality ..

the quick trip to seattle was great!
i had a great weekend hanging out with the Johnsons and all the cool people at Seattle Pacific University ..
i've always like seattle, this time i got to visit Pike's Market , and the Northwest Cheese festival. We tasted a few (say 25) kinds of cheese .. that was cool.
i went and saw the 'The Interpreter' by nicole kidman and sean penn, it wasn't a bad movie, it was just not what i had expected it to be ... i also got a chance to watch some HK movies .. 'Internal Affairs' by Andy Lau was a good one, too bad i didn't have time to finish Jeremy's DVD collections that included '2046','New Police Story' and 'Internal Affairs 1,2,3' ... someday i'll somehow watch those movies ..
i've given a future A LOT of thoughts this weekend,
i'll probably spin up a poem for those thoughts later ..
well ..
stressful day at work ... (i am giving myself streesss...)


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