Monday, May 02, 2005

blue fusion

she's been gone for a while now,
you seems to be doing fine,
remember the first time when she said it's time to move on,
you were crying yourself to sleep,
yet blessings you can only give,
to her who you think is beautiful,
to him who you think is wonderful,
now it's been two years,
looking back it's still not easy,
you been through other relationships,
yet came out empty handed,
i guess it's still time to move on,
gotta forget what lies behind and just focus on what lies ahead,
it's still a new day to learn how to love,
the love that no one might ever understand,
the love that encompass hurt,
the love that heals a broken heart,
the love that is un-conditional,
give yourself another cup of blue fusion,
forget about the sugar and the fuzz,
it's blue yet not really blue ...
let's hope it turns red sometime soon.

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