Monday, August 08, 2005

Rain and country music ....

it's another rainy day in texas,
thunderstorms are still my favorite,
it felt way cool to stand in the rain and let the rain drop on me,
just like the song "grace like rain" by todd agnew... about the grace like rain dropping on me and washing away my sins, anyways, that's my favorite part about the rain in south central texas,
other than that, the lightings are always spectecular, trust me, you wouldn't wanna miss a lighting show in texas :o)
while it's getting nice outside, i am inside my favorite coffee shop (coffee station ...) listening to some new Faith Hill's album ... sounded kinda cool ... sounds like she's trying to find her country roots ... hehe ... anyways.
it's good to be back in texas, it had been pretty relaxing for the past couple days, for the next couple days, i'll be in the planning mode for my bible study for next year ... that's gonna be great!

anyways ...
i'll pass on some pics from my drive from Oregon to Texas ..
and by the way,
i love the drive !


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