Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Somewhere on I-35

umm, i am not sure if anyone else is reading this blog ... if you are still my reader, then i'll make august the reader appreaciation month .. lol .. j/k anyways,
i am blogging somewhere on the I-35 between Ft.Worth and Waco .. well, precisely in Hillsboro,TX ... a month ago, today i'll be in Hillsboro,OR ... how fast the time had past me by.
Anyways, these few days had been BUSY .. hence a little stressful when i gotta deal with different things in one days, well , i've been driving a lot too ... and honestly, living with 3 other guys is really a NEW experience for me ... i know my roomates and i were joking about living in the "Big Brother House ..." sometimes it kinda felt like that ... when conflicts (even little ones) arose, it's interesting to see how people (including myself) react to the situations .... :o)
anyways, school starts next week, i've already picked out ALL my classes , yay! ..
it won't be a real busy semester ( well .. it seemed so on the paper ... not quite sure yet in the reality .. )
umm ..i haven't read much yet, much of life had been in busy-ness and hanging out with people .. i do kinda miss my alone time in Oregon (when i needed them) ...
well .. i guess i gotta transit back into my life in Texas .. :o)
btw , TEXAS is dead HOT .....

well ... i am enjoying a little bit of break in Star Bucks.


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