Saturday, March 31, 2007


i don't know why basketball sneakers can be sold at such a high price,
a pair of Air Jordan or other equivalents from AI or Melo' can go in the range of hundreds,
maybe it's the feeling of having what the pros have,
maybe it's the feeling of living bigger than your life,
maybe it's the thrill of having a part of a super star,

i got a pair of Starbury One,
it's not Melo', Kobe or AI's,
it's Marbury the guard from New York,
he dishes passes like Jason Kidd,
and scores points like AI,
though his sneakers are down in the range of teen's
wearing'em still give me the same feeling,
i don't know how to explain,
maybe it's just the star power,
maybe it's human pride,
maybe it's the fame,
at a low price,
maybe is his (Marbury's) movement,
to end the dominance of overly priced sneakers,
maybe it's to fulfill the dream of a young boy,
who wanted something that he cannot afford,
i'm just shooting hoops by my apartment,
wearing my Starbury One -

maybe there's nothing significant to it.

life as usual.

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