Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neon lights, Route 66

about three weeks ago - i sat down and pretty much decided my plans for this summer - seemed like i would be spending my time in the heart of texas for much of it - possible rejuvenating and such - but an email and some phone calls changes my plan - i'm heading out west to New Mexico for an internship - sounds kinda exciting - not sure really how to come to terms with it - i know God's plan and timing is always the best - and just when i thought i had it all figure out - i was wrong again ...

so - since then it has still been a waiting scenario - i really had to learn to wait patiently when some of my paperwork gets through, sometimes it's frustrating - felt like the last couple of days i haven't really gotten anything done - maybe this is just the break that i was waiting for - but TVs and Internet gets boring sometimes -

i started and finished a book called "Red moon rising" , my sister bought it for me for my birthday - it's about the prayer movement that started in the late 90s in England and Europe - it's amazing to see God moving around the world - the news and miracles of healing are NOT just isolated news from China, India and Africa anymore - it's happening in Bristol, Ibiza, Germany - it's happening here in the West - that's SO amazing - i was so encouraged as i read the book - yet at the same time i pondered about my own faith - and how sometime it felt like i'm still slumbering and not waking up to the realities of life and the works of God - the authors put it nicely in the book - pray until you know how to pray - and i think that's true, so many times i do not know how to pray - i just pray without asking how to pray - or - praying about how to pray - maybe i should try that ...

anyways - my journey heading west starts soon - actually it starts now at where i'm at in the middle of Texas - hopefully this is a good one.

just on the side note - finally got to see a live Soccer match on TV today with AC Milan beating my favourite Liverpool FC - anyways - good job for both teams ...

and i'm starting on another book - this time "God's Politics" by Jim Wallis where my girlfriend gave it to me on my birthday ... should be an interesting one.

i shall blog more.


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