Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mountains and Balloons

Mountains and Hot Air Balloons , what are great combination.
Waking up to the mountains, shining sun and Hot Air Balloons are not a bad deal, it's great actually.
i've been waiting for this moment for a while now,
out of Texas,
to the mountains.

There's just something about the mountain ranges,
it just makes me feel so small,
and God so big,
because His creation are gigantic,
yet intricate.

Welcome to Albuquerque,
a city tucked between mountains and dormant volcanoes,
a melting pot of Hispanics, Native Americans, Caucasians and many other races,
charming look of the Adobe style house,
and the neon lights of Route 66.

It's here i come alive again,
it's You that brought me here,
it's You who knows how to make me alive,
and why i'm alive.

You are the reason,
and only reason.


The setting sun,
and the shades of downtown,
The rising sun,
and the shades of mountains,
points to You and You alone,


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