Thursday, July 03, 2008

it's about time for an update .....

so ... i guess it's about time for another post ...
well, life's been kind of busy the last 3 weeks, with research/work shifting into higher gears at work, but i'll say it's good, it's just when things are stressed and i'm tired ... slips up happened more frequently for my spiritual life (which extends to attitudes, perspectives, etc) .... one thing i do learn though it's to take time to rest, take time to reflect even though it seemed like there's no time to do so, so i'll be doing that now !

Another thing is to be discipline at what i do, i remember last couple of summers when i was interning in the industry, there's a set of expectations on when to be at my cubicle and such. i know grad school and research are more fluid because ideas might come in the middle of night ... or a solution might jumped out at you when drinking a cup of latte at Starbucks, but i've determined to stick to a schedule, and make the most out of it !

Other than that, life's been good =). The church community (aka my homegroup) is doing great, there were several more visitors visted my group last couple of weeks. It's funny to think where my group was several semesters back, and how we were struggling with the numbers of people who have, now even in the summer we seemed to be thriving through God's grace.

One thing though, on my teaching last night, i talked about the comfort from God. One of the hope we should have is that we have a mediator (in Jesus Christ) who understands what we are going through because He himself had gone through a lot (betrayal, even death on the cross). Sometimes i found myself having the distant view of Christ as He's my saviour in the distant but in truth He's here and now with us, He see what is going on in our lives and He advocates for us before the Father ... anyways ... for the whole teaching (which is based out of a teaching by John Piper ....
see (my teaching notes)->
see (Pipers's teaching)

anyways ..
by the way, i'm bounded to Los Angeles sometime in August to attend a symposium, this will be the first time i'm going to present at a symposium, i'm so excited ... well ... i'm excited about going to L.A and maybe catching a Dodgers or Angels game as well ...

well - have a Happy Happy 4th of July !

peace out.


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