Sunday, July 20, 2008

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There's been a lot going on in my head and heart, some are related to the news around me (or related to me -> such as the political fuzziness in Malaysia ...) , or just plainly events that happened around me. Even though these events are surrounding me, hopefully i'm not indifferent (like Shawn of the dead ...) , and hopefully they'll awaken me to the reality of this world, and the need of Christ and His Gospel to be more boldly preached!

Let's start with the news -> it has been a turmoil in Malaysia recently, maybe that's an exaggeration but with the General Election swinging to the side of the Opposition Front, new charges against the main opposition leader (Anwar Ibrahim) sounded "shady", let's hope justice will prevail and being worked out in Malaysia. It's interesting that Anwar Ibrahim sounded a lot like Barak Obama in the U.S with the message of Hope and Change for a better future! Co-incidence ? Probably so ....

Likewise with the General Election in the U.S, it's looking like a miss-match, but hey - who knows? And even Al Gore is jumping into the mix by casting the vision by setting goals for a more energy efficient America in 10 years, maybe that's a good goal to set ... or ... maybe we should just let the supply/demand duke it out, and eventually be energy efficient anyways ...

On a more personal level, i've been to the emergency room twice in the last two weeks, there were not trips for my own self but i've taken two different friends to the E.R for various reasons. It's interesting to be in the E.R, one of the time i saw a family weeping over what seemed a bad situation, and other times i've seem family awaiting for good news and such ... it had been interesting to be there ... i've even seen people got flown into the E.R through the helicopter ... interesting huh ?

and then ....

my roomate and i had been talking about our future plans, i got to admit that i haven't really dream for a while, or i've been scared to dream recently. The intention of trying to please important people in my life had really gotten to me, many times i've felt "stucked". So, i was asked to dream this week , dream of what would be in 3,5,10 years, and i hesitated. I know i don't want to be selfish in dreaming anything self-centered ... thus it has caused me to not dream at all ... i guess that's not a right approach when facing the future. We (my roomated and i) eventually talked, and came up with solution of facing the future, and triumph over it through Christ and God's leading and planning instead of my own .... :-P that's a relief and hopefully i'll have some answers soon.

well ... this has been a long post .... i've changed the layout of the blog again ... enjoy.

btw -> Houston Dynamo defeated D.C United in SuperLiga match today ... Go Orange !!

good night, good bye.

God bless.

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Francisco said...

I think you said you were under the weather recently. Are you better now? Man, you almost scared me by telling about the E.R. visit. Then, I knew it wasn't you and I took it better. Take care, bro.