Sunday, November 29, 2009

In the face of progress ...

i wrote this a couple of months ago ... saw it in my journal today ... and decided to post it :)

In the face of progress,
stands the orthodoxy of my faith,
that has stood against the evils of this world,
when evil is masked by progress,
our generation caved in because of modernity,
our hearts become more callous,
in the face of progress,
we will challenge the status quo,
we will challenge the change,
if it the change is towards a convenient, heartless generation.
In the face of progress,
I will fight,
not because i'm less modern, or less educated,
but because of the word of God,
because of the evils that is masked by progress,
let God's truth set us free from these lies masked in progress,
let God's love set us free from the fear of not progressing,
let us return to this faith,
ancient yet relevant,
in the face of progress,
let our faith be the measure of this progress, of this challenge,
if progress means a godless society,
then i rather have none of it,
not because i'm scared,
it's because we'll be missing the point,
and the One who matters most.

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