Saturday, August 21, 2010

hello fort worth

This is my first post from Fort Worth located in North Texas (part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex). After spending about 8 years in Aggieland (College Station,TX) where I've made some really awesome friends and had invested (and be invested in) by an awesome group of people and community (both Fellowship Church and Connect Homegroup), I've decided to move up to Fort Worth.

I'm excited about the new things that I'll get to learn and experience in (both with the urban community and the church). I'm also very excited to be in the same city with my girlfriend (Ashley), long distance relationship is definitely a rough adventure, it was a good adventure though, but I'm really glad that now we're in a "short" distance relationship ;).

Anyways, there are much thoughts to be gathered and noted about my past 8 years in College Station, from the lessons that I've learned from college ministry, to the mistakes (and successes) that I've seen both in life and in ministry (and in work/college). Hopefully, I'll get done process with that and be able to share some on here.

Well, here's the first post from Cowtown (Ft Worth,TX), hopefully with more to come.


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