Saturday, June 26, 2004


Here goes another week in the summer ,
i guess during the summer .. weeks go by really fast,
two more weeks then i am done with summer school,
then i'll have to adjust myself back into the 8-5
monday to friday work mode for 2 months ...
don't get me wrong i love working,
i love my job and i love hanging out at my job ,
but obviously it's different from going to school,
granted i don't have to worry about homeworks or exams,
but i do have to worry about computers .. lol ..

talking about adjusting to a full time employee life,
my friend Nick .. shared some insights about that during
my homegroup guys time .. he shared about .. the responsibilities
of a student , ie. school, work .. etc .. comparing to the responsibilities of
a MAN .. ie. family , work , social .. etc .. and how demanding it will be ..
and he pointed out a really good point about spiritual life,
if we (as students / young man w/ lotta free times) cannot discipline ourselves
to seek the LORD .. it will be harder for the days when we get older .. and have a family ..

i totally agree with him ..
so y'all .. start buildin' this relationship with God thru Christ ..
He's always there pursuing us .. it's just the matter of fact whether we are responding
to HIM or not ,
we can choose to run and drown ourselves in this world ,
or we can immerse ourselves in the truth found in the creator of this world.



have a good one ..

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