Monday, August 16, 2004

Lookin' forward

i'm lookin' forward to the changes in life,
cuz lookin' backwards certainly will not help,
i've thought out and planned where i wanna go,
but it's up to You ,God to lead me,
i've seen You leading me towards the other direction,
yet i've ended up in the same place,
but it was the journey that made the difference,
even when You've led me to a different place thru different route,
You've provided comfort and strength for me,
i want to trust Your leadings and ways,
it's just sometimes i am tired of walking,
here's another year,
another month,
another brand new day,
let's embark on a brand new journey,
to the place that You've destined me to be,
let's go,
and let's be.

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