Tuesday, August 10, 2004


well , it's almost time for the NEW semester .. yay .. well .. i am excited because
i'll have all my buddies back in town .. and because there's gonna be homegroup again ...
well .. i should be excited for school too .. since i am taking some really neat classes this yr (software engineering and etc) .. something that i am really looking forward to :-)

last weekend, i went to San Antonio to visit my friend Tim with Krista,Stiv and Beth,
that was an exciting trip, we went to Fiesta Texas .. i had a BLAST .. well .. i haven't ride roller coaster for about 2 yrs .. so that was exciting !!

for the rest of this week,
i'll be at my church staff retreat...
should be a relaxing time .. and intense time at the same time because
this will be a great time to unwind and then focus again for the task ahead ...

.. well ..
some sports stuff ..
will liverpool trade Michael Owen to Real Madrid ??
hmm .. very likely .. since Madrid is willing to pay A LOT of money .. 10 - 15 million British pounds .. yeah ...

Olympics is here.
go Team USA.
oh and go Team Malaysia.


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