Monday, August 30, 2004

A new beginning

1st day of school,
it's a new beginning of another school year,
nope i didn't get lost on campus this time,
nope i wasn't late for my class,
and yes the campus still seems LARGE and HUGE to me,
and yes i was STILL nervous to go back to school,
something God showed me today was i really need to step out of my comfort zone,
i know we all have comfort zones and they come in all kind of shapes and sizes,
sometimes i know how to bust that bubble but sometimes i don't,
which is something that requires a lot of God's grace and strength ..
anyways ..
a new semester,
a new vision for life ...
a new season of life ...
let's go and make a difference.


something to take note of for the 1st week of school ...
the RNC ( Repulican National Convention) in the Big Apple ...
the 1st Round of NCAA Football Games ..(A&M vs Utah)
and .. of course .... people around me (i should take note of them too :-p)

take care.

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